December 13, 2023

8 of the Best Coworking Space Management Software in 2024

Coworking spaces have become a popular business model and revolutionized people's work. With their increasing demand, managing these spaces can become hectic and tedious. To ensure the smooth functioning of coworking spaces, various software solutions that cater to the specific needs of this industry have come up. These software solutions provide comprehensive features such as workspace booking, member management, billing and invoicing, visitor management, and more. Coworking space management software streamlines operations and enhances efficiency by automating these processes.

Although many options are available in the market, choosing the best coworking space management software for your specific business needs and budget can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top 8 coworking space management software solutions in this blog post. Each software solution is evaluated based on its features, ease of use, pricing, customer support, and user reviews. By considering these factors, you can select the right software that aligns with your requirements and maximizes the potential of your coworking space.

Whether you are a coworking space owner, manager, or administrator, investing in the right coworking space management software can significantly simplify your operations and improve the member experience. So, let's dive into the details of these top 8 software solutions and find the perfect fit for your coworking business!


Nexudus is a comprehensive software solution meticulously designed to optimize and streamline the management of coworking spaces. Its extensive range of tools and features offers a seamless and unparalleled experience for coworking space operators. From efficient member onboarding and management to intuitive booking, Nexudus effortlessly handles and schedules capabilities, and Nexudus efficiently runs everything.

But that's not all. Nexudus goes above and beyond by providing seamless payment processing, empowering operators to handle financial transactions effortlessly and effortlessly. A dedicated mobile app fosters community engagement, allowing members to connect, collaborate, and network efficiently.

What sets Nexudus apart is its adaptability. With a robust set of customizable options, large coworking spaces can tailor the software to their needs, ensuring a highly tailored and efficient management system. Whether customizing branding elements, integrating with existing systems, or configuring workflows, Nexudus empowers operators to create a coworking space that perfectly aligns with their vision.

By leveraging Nexudus, you can elevate your coworking space to new heights of success and productivity. Experience the power of Nexudus and revolutionize how you manage and operate your coworking space.

We prefer using Nexudus for process management at our El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach offices. Its efficient features and user-friendly interface have contributed significantly to streamlining our workflow and enhancing productivity.


Customization and Flexibility: Nexudus offers extensive customization options, allowing coworking spaces to tailor the software to fit their unique needs and branding. This adaptability ensures a more personalized and efficient management system.

Comprehensive Management Tools: From onboarding members to booking and scheduling, Nexudus provides a wide range of tools that cover all aspects of coworking space management, significantly reducing administrative workload.

Integrated Payment Processing: The platform includes integrated payment solutions, which facilitate smooth financial transactions and simplify the billing and invoicing process for both operators and members.

Community Engagement Features: With its dedicated mobile app, Nexudus enhances community engagement, enabling members to easily connect, collaborate, and network, fostering a vibrant coworking community.

Efficiency and Productivity: Nexudus's user-friendly interface and efficient features have been proven to streamline workflow and enhance productivity in coworking spaces, as evidenced by its successful implementation in various locations.


Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly interface, the sheer number of features and customization options can be overwhelming for new users, requiring a period of acclimatization.

Cost: For small coworking spaces or those just starting, the cost of Nexudus, while competitive, might be a significant consideration, especially when including the price of additional features or integrations.

Over-reliance on Technology: In scenarios with a technical issue or downtime, operations in the coworking space can be significantly disrupted, underlining the need for a contingency plan.

Complexity in Initial Setup: While a strength, the initial setup and customization process can also be intricate and time-consuming without proper guidance or support.

Need for Constant Updates: Nexudus requires regular updates to keep up with new features and ensure security. While beneficial, these updates can sometimes be inconvenient or cause temporary disruptions.

Proximity Space

This comprehensive cloud-based platform provides many tools and features for efficient coworking space management. From member management and community engagement to seamless integrations with popular apps like Slack and Stripe, Proximity Space goes above and beyond to simplify and streamline the entire process of running a coworking space. Its secure payment processing, convenient booking system, and advanced analytics ensure a hassle-free experience for both coworking space owners and members.

Proximity Space is designed to enhance productivity and convenience, offering a seamless and collaborative environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. With state-of-the-art amenities like high-speed internet, modern workspaces, and well-equipped meeting rooms, it provides an ideal setting for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to thrive. The platform also offers networking opportunities, educational events, and professional development resources to support growth and success. Proximity Space is the ultimate choice for coworking space management, whether community.

Whether you're looking for a flexible workspace, a vibrant community, or an all-in-one solution for space management, it allows you to focus on what truly matters - achieving your goals, expanding your network, and growing your business while leaving the administrative tasks and logistics to the platform. Experience the benefits of Proximity Space and unlock your full potential in a collaborative and dynamic coworking environment.


Comprehensive Management Tools: Proximity Space offers a wide range of management tools that simplify the complexities of coworking space administration. From booking systems to secure payment processing, it provides everything needed for efficient operation.

Community Engagement: The platform is designed to foster a strong sense of community among members through networking opportunities, educational events, and professional development resources.

Seamless Integration: Proximity Space integrates smoothly with popular software applications like Slack and Stripe, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of coworking space operations.

Advanced Analytics: Facility managers have access to advanced analytics, which provide valuable insights into the usage patterns and preferences of members, thus enabling informed decision-making.

Flexibility and Scalability: Proximity Space offers flexible plans that cater to the diverse needs of coworking spaces, whether they are just starting or growing their business. Moreover, it can easily accommodate changes in membership numbers and space requirements.


Learning Curve: The comprehensive suite of features may be challenging for space managers and members new to the platform.

Cost Considerations: Depending on the pricing model, small coworking spaces might find the cost of using Proximity Space slightly prohibitive, particularly if they are not utilizing all the features available.

Internet Dependency: Being an online platform, its effectiveness is contingent on having a reliable and high-speed internet connection, which might be challenging in some locations.

Customization Limitations: While Proximity Space offers many functionalities, some coworking spaces with particular needs might find the customization options somewhat limited.

Over-reliance on Technology: An over-reliance on the platform for all aspects of coworking space management might lead to operational vulnerabilities in the event of technical failures or downtime.


OfficeRnD is an innovative, comprehensive, all-in-one, cloud-based platform meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the needs of coworking spaces. Its robust features simplify member management, facilitate seamless booking and scheduling, streamline payment processing, and even provide cutting-edge communication tools for internal and external interactions.

Built with the latest technologies and backed by industry experts, OfficeRnD goes beyond the basics to offer a genuinely exceptional coworking experience. It boasts advanced analytics capabilities, allowing space operators to gain valuable insights into space utilization and member behavior. Additionally, its intuitive dashboard provides real-time data and customizable reports to help make informed business decisions.

Moreover, OfficeRnD offers flexible pricing options, ensuring it remains a cost-effective and ideal solution for small to mid-sized coworking spaces seeking unmatched efficiency and productivity. From startups to established enterprises, OfficeRnD empowers coworking spaces to optimize operations, enhance member satisfaction, and drive growth.

Discover the power of OfficeRnD and elevate your coworking space to new heights of success.


Comprehensive Toolset: OfficeRnD offers a wide variety of features covering nearly every aspect of managing coworking spaces, from member management to payment processing and communication, ensuring a holistic approach to space management.

Advanced Analytics: The platform provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling space operators to gain critical insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions.

Intuitive Dashboard: With its user-friendly dashboard, users can easily access reliable, real-time data and customizable reports, effectively managing coworking spaces.

Cloud-Based Flexibility: OfficeRnD is cloud-based, allowing seamless access from anywhere at any time, promoting flexibility in monitoring and managing coworking spaces.

Flexible Pricing: OfficeRnD offers a scalable pricing structure that can accommodate the varying budgetary needs of small to mid-sized coworking spaces.


Learning Curve: Due to its extensive features and functionalities, new users might experience a steep learning curve when first navigating the platform.

Cost Prohibitive for Small Spaces: While offering flexible pricing, the cost may still be a significant investment for very small coworking spaces or those just starting out.

Overwhelming for Simple Needs: The comprehensive nature of OfficeRnD might be overwhelming and underutilized for spaces that require only basic functionalities.

Internet Dependency: Being a cloud-based platform, a constant, stable internet connection is crucial for access, which could be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity.

Limited Customization in Certain Features: While OfficeRnD is highly customizable in many aspects, some users have desired more customization options in specific features or integrations.


DeskTime is an all-inclusive time tracking and productivity application specifically designed to enhance the management of coworking spaces. With advanced features like automatic time tracking, detailed reports, and productivity analysis, DeskTime empowers you to effortlessly identify and optimize the most productive periods within your coworking space.

Not only that, but DeskTime seamlessly integrates with a wide range of project management tools, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for efficient coworking space management. Whether you're managing a bustling hub or a small shared office, DeskTime equips you with all the necessary tools and valuable insights to unlock the full potential of your coworking space.

Using DeskTime, you can improve productivity, foster a thriving community of professionals, and create an environment that inspires collaboration and growth. With its focus on time management and productivity, DeskTime is the ultimate solution for optimizing the performance of your coworking space.


Enhanced Productivity: DeskTime's automatic time tracking feature helps identify high productivity periods, enabling better task scheduling to maximize efficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting: Provides detailed reports and analytics on productivity levels, offering insights to improve coworking space management and individual performance.

Seamless Integrations: The application's compatibility with a variety of project management tools streamlines workflow and communication among coworking space members.

Community Building: By fostering an environment of transparency and accountability, DeskTime can help build a strong, collaborative community within the coworking space.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with intuitiveness in mind, DeskTime offers an easy-to-use platform, making time tracking and productivity analysis accessible to everyone.


Privacy Concerns: The automatic tracking features may raise privacy issues among users, feeling their activities are constantly being monitored.

Potential for Misinterpretation: Relying heavily on software-generated productivity scores might not accurately reflect an individual's contributions or work quality.

Cost: For small coworking spaces or individual freelancers, the subscription price might be a considerable expense.

Overemphasis on Quantity Over Quality: The focus on time tracking and productivity metrics can sometimes lead to a culture that prioritizes quantity of work over quality.

Technical Issues: Like any software, DeskTime may experience occasional glitches or downtime, potentially disrupting workflow.


Cobot is not just any platform; it is a simple yet powerful solution that caters specifically to the needs of managing coworking spaces. With its comprehensive essential tools, Cobot empowers you to handle various aspects of your coworking space operations effortlessly.

From seamless invoicing to efficient booking and scheduling, Cobot streamlines your administrative tasks, allowing you to save time and focus on what truly matters: growing your business. With its membership management features, you can effortlessly keep track of your members and provide them with a seamless experience.

Moreover, Cobot goes beyond the basics by offering robust communication tools that facilitate effective collaboration and interaction among members, fostering a vibrant and connected coworking community.

In summary, Cobot is your reliable partner, automating and simplifying the crucial tasks associated with managing coworking spaces so you can fully concentrate on nurturing your business and creating a thriving coworking environment.


Automation and Time-Saving: Cobot automates various administrative tasks such as invoicing, booking, and scheduling. This significantly reduces manual work, enabling operators to save time that would be better spent on growing the coworking space.

Enhanced Membership Management: Its comprehensive membership management system allows Cobot to easily track and manage member information, facilitating a more organized and efficient operation.

Streamlined Communication: The platform offers robust tools that enhance communication and collaboration among community members, contributing to a more vibrant and engaged coworking community.

Ease of Use: Cobot is designed to be user-friendly, allowing even those with minimal technical expertise to manage their coworking space’s operations easily.

Cost-Effective: By optimizing various operational processes, Cobot helps coworking spaces reduce overhead costs, making it a cost-effective solution for managing a coworking environment.


Learning Curve: For some, the wide range of features and functionalities might present an initial learning curve, requiring time to grasp and utilize the platform effectively and fully.

Integration Limitations: While Cobot offers integrations with other software, seamlessly integrating it with existing systems or specific third-party applications might present limitations or challenges.

Feature Overload: Smaller coworking spaces might find some features excessive for their needs, making them feel they are paying for functionalities they do not use.

Dependence on Internet Connectivity: Being a cloud-based system, Cobot’s performance is highly dependent on internet connectivity, which might be a limitation in areas with unstable internet connections.

Pricing Structure: The pricing model might be a barrier for tiny coworking spaces or startups, primarily if they operate on a tight budget and have yet to scale.

Yardi Kube

Yardi Kube is a highly scalable and user-friendly coworking management software that caters to the diverse needs of coworking spaces. With its comprehensive features, including member management, invoicing, booking, and scheduling, and a mobile app for community engagement, Yardi Kube empowers coworking spaces to streamline operations and enhance the member experience.

Moreover, Yardi Kube offers seamless integrations with various payment gateways and accounting software, allowing for efficient billing and accounting processes. By automating these crucial aspects, Kube enables coworking spaces to save time and resources while ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Whether you are a small coworking space or a large-scale operation, Yardi Kube provides the tools and flexibility to play and effectively foster an influential, thriving community. Experience the power of Kube and take your coworking space to new heights of success!


Comprehensive Management Tools: Yardi Kube provides an all-encompassing suite of management features, including member management, invoicing, booking, scheduling, etc., enabling efficient operation of coworking spaces.

Enhanced Member Experience: With its mobile app, Yardi Kube offers excellent community engagement tools, significantly improving the member experience within coworking spaces.

Seamless Integrations: Integrating various payment gateways and accounting software facilitates efficient and accurate billing and accounting processes.

Time and Resource Efficiency: Automating crucial operational aspects allows coworking spaces to save significant time and resources, aiding operational efficiency.

Scalability: Yardi Kube is suitable for coworking spaces of all sizes, providing the scalability needed to grow and expand the business effectively.


Learning Curve: The comprehensive features of Yardi Kube may come with a steep learning curve for some users, potentially requiring additional time for effective utilization.

Cost: While offering an array of beneficial features, the cost of Yardi Kube could be a barrier for small coworking spaces or startups with limited budgets.

System Complexity: With its extensive functionalities, the system can sometimes seem overwhelming, making it difficult for less tech-savvy users to navigate.

Dependency on Internet Connectivity: Being a cloud-based system, Yardi Kube's performance relies heavily on stable internet connectivity, which could be a limitation in areas with poor internet service.

Customization Limitations: Some users may find the customization options of Yardi Kube to be limited, potentially requiring additional workarounds to meet specific needs.


Squarefoot is a comprehensive and innovative management platform meticulously crafted for flexible office spaces. It empowers you with cutting-edge features to streamline your operations and enhance productivity effortlessly. From efficient member management and seamless booking and scheduling capabilities to secure and hassle-free payment processing, Squarefoot has covered every aspect of your business needs.

But that's not all - Squarefoot goes beyond the basics. It offers a robust and intuitive CRM system that effortlessly handles your leads and customers, allowing you to build and nurture meaningful relationships. With Squarefoot, you can gain valuable insights into your coworking space's growth through real-time reports and analytics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and drive success.

Experience the unrivaled power of Squarefoot and take your flexible office space to new heights of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Elevate your business with Squarefoot and unlock a world of possibilities!


Efficient Member Management: Squarefoot's platform makes it incredibly easy to manage members, keeping track of their preferences, bookings, and payments in one place.

Seamless Booking and Scheduling: The system provides a user-friendly interface that enables effortless booking and scheduling of spaces, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Comprehensive CRM System: With its built-in CRM capabilities, Squarefoot allows businesses to manage leads and customers effectively, fostering strong relationships and improving retention rates.

Data-Driven Insights: The platform offers detailed reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into business performance and helping owners make informed decisions.

Streamlined Payment Processing: Squarefoot simplifies the financial aspects of managing a coworking space by offering secure and efficient payment processes.


Learning Curve: While Squarefoot is feature-rich, new users may experience a steep learning curve as they familiarize themselves with the full extent of the platform's capabilities.

Cost: For smaller operations or startups, utilizing Squarefoot could be a significant consideration, especially when budget constraints are tight.

Integration Challenges: Depending on a business's existing technology stack, integrating Squarefoot with other software tools may require additional time and resources.

Overdependence on Technology: Relying heavily on Squarefoot for all aspects of operations could pose risks in the event of service outages or technical glitches.

Feature Overload: Some users may find the vast array of features overwhelming, mainly if their business needs do not require such complexity.


Coworkify is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the management and operation of coworking spaces. It offers a variety of tools and features to help owners and managers efficiently oversee bookings, memberships, and billing processes. The system is user-friendly and highly customizable, allowing for a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of different coworking spaces. Additionally, Coworkify focuses on fostering a vibrant community by providing integrated communication tools that enable members to connect and collaborate easily. Coworkify aims to enhance the coworking experience for operators and members with innovative solutions.


Efficiency in Management: Coworkify streamlines the daily operations of coworking spaces, such as booking systems and membership management, making the administrative work more efficient and less time-consuming.

Customization: The platform offers high levels of customization, allowing coworking spaces to tailor the software's features to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Community Building: With integrated communication tools, Coworkify facilitates connections and collaboration among members, enhancing the sense of community within the space.

User-Friendly Interface: Coworkify is designed to focus on user experience, ensuring that operators and members can easily navigate its features without a steep learning curve.

Comprehensive Solution: It provides a one-stop solution for coworking spaces, covering a broad spectrum of needs from billing and invoicing to member management and event planning.


Cost: Small coworking spaces or those just starting might find the price of Coworkify to be a significant expense, particularly if they are not utilizing all its features.

Overwhelming Features: Some users may find the array of features overwhelming and significantly smaller coworking spaces that require a more straightforward solution.

Internet Dependency: Since Coworkify is a cloud-based platform, it requires a reliable internet connection, which can be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity.

Limited Physical Hardware Integration: For spaces that rely on physical hardware for access control or other functionalities, Coworkify’s integration capabilities might be limited.

Learning Curve for Advanced Features: While the essential functions are user-friendly, mastering the more advanced features and customizations can require a significant time investment from the management team.


Choosing the right coworking space management software can be a vital decision that can significantly impact the success of your business. IEvaluatingyour unique needs, budget, and business goals before selecting any management software. Is essential. The abovementioned top eight coworking space management software offers various features and benefits catering to different business needs. We hope this post helps you choose the best-suited management software for your coworking space.

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