September 27, 2023

Advantages of Renting an Office Space in 2024

The style we work has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, especially after the global pandemic. In the last decade, number of remote workers, freelancers, small teams have increased a lot. In addition, we met a new term called “gig economy” which boost individual companies. These new styles of work terms have created new demands and needs. Modern coworking spaces cover these requirements, now it’s time for traditional office spaces to transform for new way of working. We will focus on the advantages of renting an office space.

Increased Productivity

A dedicated workspace offers lots of advantages such as;

• Minimizing distractions

• Fully equipped with required tools

• Comfortable and flexible seating

• Room for your computer, documents and other work essentials

• Reduces any possible distractions like TV and other things in your house.

With these offerings, you can focus on your work easily, it creates a sense of privacy and boost efficiency with limited distractions.

Professional Image

In terms of professional image, modern office spaces offer different kind of amenities for you. These are;

• Official business address

• Professional work area

• Dedicated phone number

• Welcoming desk

• Meeting room for your clients

• Brand identity for your employees

• Professional seating can attract new customers and impress your clients

• It shows that, you are investing money on your business and taking your business seriously

At Unita Club’s Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach office spaces, you can reflect the professional image of your business. With our uniquely designed facilities and spaces, you will be able to impress your clients easily.

Networking Opportunities

Working in a traditional office space setting can prevent your socializing opportunities. But modern workspaces built differently for this reason, now they are offering various opportunities for you to boost your networking skills.

• Interacting with different people in the same work environment

• Everyone can support each other to accomplish their goals

• Unlocks the doors to potential partnerships and referrals for your success

• Supportive community that motivates and inspires.

Minimal Overheads

Renting a modern office spaces provide different kind of options for decreasing costs for overheads.

• You / your company will be able to predict fixed costs and facilitating

• Traditional spaces require higher costs for maintenance of the building, now you can only pay for your dedicated space

• No additional cost for purchasing furnitures, fixtures and standard equipments.

• When modern office spaces cover these costs for you, you can invest your money on marketing, human resources, research and development and other strategies you follow.

• Your business can expand, modern office spaces offer you flexibility to opt for a bigger or smaller workspaces, it has an important affect on essential costs for relocation for another business park.


Modern workspaces offer unique flexibility options for leasing and renting. These are;

• Modern workspaces offer flexibility for short term commitments

• You will be able to choose the space depend on your business’ requirements when a possible downsizing.

• Your business can quickly scale and adapt to market changes

• Boost your colleagues’ efficiency and motivation

Access to Amenities

Renting a modern workspace come with access to various amenities to boost your business operations. These amenities can be;

• Conference rooms equipped with latest technology

• Meeting rooms for brainstorming sessions or welcoming your clients

• Printing and scanning needs

• Professional and creativity community

• Parking

• Fully functional kitchens

• On demand coffee and refreshments

Safety and Security

Feeling safe in your workspace is another important matter when you choose your next office space. Modern workspaces come with options such as;

• Not only you, your clients and employees feel secure which increases their wellbeing

• High quality security systems

• Advanced control mechanism

• Dedicated IT team for cyber attacks

• Emergency evacuation plans

• Regular safety inspections

Work-Life Balance

A dedicated space provide a balance between your professional and personal life.

• You will be able to work in your own work space which creates a mental boundary

• Having a separated office prevents the need to take calls or respond your emails after you shot the door

• Reduce the stress of communal workspaces and influences your wellbeing positively

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