A community of dream chasers

A place to Be Better Together

Unità Club was founded on the principles of kindness, collaboration, connection, and play. We cultivate an inclusive environment that prioritizes shared values over shared status. Our members care deeply about quality: quality of work, quality of life, and quality of the people they surround themselves with. Good people aren’t hard to find – they’re right here at Unità Club.

The story behind


What happens when you put good, creative people in a room together? Something magical. Our founders, Ego and Serkan, learned this at an early age. Childhood friends, they grew up with big, raucous dinners – the kind where everyone is having such a good time that no one wants to leave. So they don’t; they stay and talk, laugh, and sing. The joy was infectious. Ego and Serkan carried it with them through college and after as roommates and best friends, hosting parties, attending festivals, and forming a community of like-hearted people with a shared appreciation for music, art, and culture. Little did they know they were laying the foundation for Unità Club. (We like to think all the best business ideas happen when you’re having fun.)

The next decade brought transatlantic moves, divergent career paths, marriage, and children, but the call to community-building remained constant. Ego and Serkan knew they needed to create something special and they needed to do it together, just as they had before (post-digestif sing-alongs included.)

people in front of UnitaCoworking space buildingUnita building