Embracing a culture of collaboration.

Unità was borne of a shared love of art and a passion to build a beautiful community of heart-minded people. We believe creativity is elevated through collaboration; that art inspires healthier, vibrant, and more equitable communities.

Project South Bay

A Blank Canvas

A new kind of neighborhood watch.
We miss the thrill of surprise, the joy of conversation, and the palpable excitement of a newly bridged connection. We miss serendipity and stories, and the simple beauty of that moment when a stranger becomes someone known.

Project South Bay was created as a place for our community to reconnect. Listen to the stories of local business owners and artists, discover new products or services, be inspired by a neighbor’s history or find out how you can become part of their future.

If you’re a small business or local artist in need of support, share your story with us, check out our resource pages, and sign up for our newsletter to learn about future financial assistance programs, video courses, networking sessions, and more.

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