October 17, 2023

6 Practical Tips for Maintaining Mental Wellness at Work

Traditional workplaces and modern working hours can be incredibly stressful for everyone. Pressure to meet expected deadlines, pleasing your managers & directors, maintaining high productivity levels and also achieving goals can affect our mental health, sometimes we can't realize but, we are sure this sitation always occurs. This blog is focused especially for remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small teams.

We will focus on 6 important tips to create a new work strategy and style for you to boost your mental health and well being. By following these instructions, you can overcome challenges and create a new and consisten work style easily.

Practicing self-care

The professional life, achieving goals, getting regular rewards are important but they are not keys for your mental health and well being. You should pay importante to get enough sleep, spend time for exercising and spending time with your friends. You need to be a kind of your own lifeguard against the problems that you can face in your professional life.

Setting boundaries

You need to set boundaries between your social life and work life. We created a blog post for time management as known as "Time blocking". You need to set daily hours you will spend for your professional life and focus only your tasks and projects that you listed as to be completed. Create a free time for you to eat healthy, for getting sufficient sleep and connect with your friends not only colleagues.

Connecting with others

Please pay attention to attend networking events or webinars, these events and webinar give you additional opportunities to expand your professional network and get insightful information from industry experts. These event offer panel discussions, seminars from industry experts that you can learn your sectoral trends and getting new perspectives with useful new skills.  There are always these kinds of events & workshops in our Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach office spaces.

Managing stress

Stress is normal in our both professional and personal life, but we need to manage & keep this stress between standard volumes. There are lots of opportunities to help you like practicing mindfullness and productive meditations to manage your stress level. You should spend time on solving your negative feelings to avoiding judgment, determine your sensations in your budy to prevent chaos.

Taking breaks

After highly focused and effectively work hours you have to take break regularly. Don't forget to give your brain a well deserved rest. Different studies from universities showed that taking regular breaks between dedicated and focused work hours, boosts productivity and efficiency. Plese remember, the more you take breaks during work hours, will turn as more concentration to your task and projects.

Seeking help if you need it

As a last tip of this topic, you need to seek help if you are in bad condition. If you find a struggling feeling about the projects and tasks you handle,please remember that you are not alone. Various people from different industries feel the same feeling with you about their professional life. There are resources available to help you to guide and shape your bad & unmotivated feeling against your work. One program is Employee Assistan Program (EAPs) which you can take help from. You can join this program alone but some companies offer this program to their employees. They have consulting services about mental health problems and supporting employees that have challenges on their well being.


To manage stress, incorporating techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness can help you stay calm and focused. Regular breaks throughout the day allow you to recharge and refocus, boosting your productivity and overall well-being. Remember, seeking professional help is a sign of strength and shows you value your mental health.

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