November 16, 2023

Renting a Private Office vs. Working From Home

With the global pandemic, the way of work has changed. Professionals from different continents, various industries, diversified backgrounds left their traditional setups and started to work at personal private offices at coworking spaces, coffee shops, libraries; and lastly remotely from their home. In this blog content, we will deeply evaluate renting an office and working from home. We will focus mostly on benefits of leasing / renting private offices when we compare it with remote working from home.

Reduces Distractions

In different kind of situations working from home is not the correct environment for working effectively. Distractions like noise from outside, possible internet issues, the challange with finding a quiet corner are main reasons that decreases the productivity of remote worker. When you rent or lease an office space, you will be free to work in your dedicated and private area without any interruptions and you will be more creativity in your work.

Additionaly, a seperated workspace from your personal life can help you to create a clear boundary between professional and personal hours. An office space offers you a mindset of focusing to your projects and tasks. These spaces can help you to balance your life style, work more efficiently in dedicated place with privacy. You will not think of unfinished projects after your workhours.

Boosts Productivity & Network with Like-Minded Professionals

When you lease or rent a private office space in a coworking space you will find yourself surrounded by highly creative atmosphere, it will make you stay motivated and support you to sustain a high level of productive professional. In a coworking space; all corners, rooms, facilitative spaces, space for breaks, lighting, colors, chairs and all other stuff has been thoughtfully considered to create an ideal work setup.

The general environment influences every individual in the same area / community. You are surrounded by like minded professionals who understands the challanges in your field, shares the same work passion which boosts your productive and creative side.

Renting or leasing an office space offers you a professional and dedicated atmosphere; which creates opportunities for collaboration and networking with other professionals from various industries. The vibrant community in these spaces help you to stay motivated for your goals and projects, it motivates you to work more efficiently. By renting an office space in coworking spaces come with different amenities like unlimited events. These events can be workshops for upskilling, seminars for a new topic, networking with industry leaders or a simple happy hour for networking & relaxing.

Professional Image

Renting or leasing your own office space offers your business with a professional image and a multitude of benefits. These are;

• A dedicated business address as your company's registered address

• Well designed and professional space to welcome clients

• Brand impression and perception

• Conducive environment for productive meetings

• Opportunity to customize your space with brand elements

• Brand identity and higher job satisfaction for your employees.

Affordable and Scalable

When we compare renting & leasing office space from coworking spaces with buying & renting a traditional office or a office space in a building in terms of budget management, the coworking spaces will be better in the result. The most important thing is you can rent a space in coworking space monthly. It will provide you a flexibility for your business and budget. A private office space is affordable in many ways. You will have an access 24/7 to your office, fully furnished space and a vibrant community.


In conclusion, renting your office space goes beyond just having a place to work. It offers a range of advantages, including credibility, professionalism, customization, work-life balance, and networking opportunities. We are waiting for welcoming you at our El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach locations for your next private office space.

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