August 24, 2023

Unlocking Success - 8 Tips for Choosing an Amazing Coworking Space for Your Startup

If you don't have a coworking space, dedicated office space or workplace, starting a business can be hard to handle. You can choose all these work options with choosing a single coworking space. These shared spaces provides suitable spots for you and your team to work, collaborate, brainstorm and sharing ideas within the team. Selecting a membership in coworking offices are best options for entrepreneurs, small teams, startups and small teams of companies that work from different location. In this blog post we created a guide for you to choose coworking space for your startup.


Choosing the right location is significant for you and your team when you are selecting a coworking space to establish your business. It has to be accessible, convenient, covering specific needs for you and your team. You need to review transportation options like bus and train stations to be guarantee the easy commute. You need to consider parking options in coworking spaces to avoid problems about parking. Facilities like cafes and shops are another important topic when choosing the right spot for your business. This will help you wasting your time in the breaks, you and your team can focus on your projects effectively.

Our offices in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach are conveniently located in Los Angeles, accesible with public transportation. We offer free parking opportunity for all members to avoid parking problems.


You need to review all the amenities that coworking space provides you before signing the aggrement. These amenities will contribute to you / your teams productivity and comfort. For example if you have high speed internet technology, a fully equipped meeting room for hosting client meetings, coffee & snack bars, printing services and additional amenities, you can focus on your tasks effectively, your team's job satisfaction will rapidly increase. Some coworking spaces offer childcare options, gym, bike storage and dog/cat friendly amenities, these amenities are really important when selecting the right place for your work.


As we share in our different blog contents, the community in coworking spaces boost you and your team in terms of networking, collaboration and professional development. These workspaces host networking events, event spaces for you to host seminars, opportunity to build long lasting relationships with other members and groups. Happy hours and enlightening workshops will help you on gaining new experiences and new skills for your projects. Not only offering best places to work physically, coworking spaces are best choice for joining energetic community.


Budget is another significant case for your final decision. Generally financial status can be a huge problem for startups at the beginning. That's why coworking spaces are one of the best options for establishing your startup. It's a cost effective solution for your business to grow, you can share budget on new team members, technologic devices for your project and for other activities. Lots of amenities with low membership cost will help you to balance your expenses at the beginning.


When choosing a coworking space, you should pay importance to flexibility. We suggest that looking for a coworking space that fit needs and requirements for your project & tasks. Don't consider only long-term contract, you should seek on month to month or quarterly contracts. It will give you time to evaluate your current business status and you can make a projection for your business, needs and especially your budget. In addition you should consider dedicated desk and private offices for your individual work or colleagues. These are some of examples that coworking spaces provide you.


Safety & security for you and your business is significant topic when choosing a workspace. When selecting a coworking space you should consider security cameras working 24/7, dedicated security personnel, advanced security network system. These are not only for your equipment and documents, amenities such as Wifi has to be encrypted for your data and your storage. Wifi is particularly crucial for your personal data and progress on your projects. You should keep in mind the security topic when choosing your next location.


Reputation is one of the main topics that you should consider when selecting a coworking space. Finding a reputable spot for your business is important for mainly your clients and colleagues. You should consider online reviews in both Google and booking websites if available. You can find pros and cons for the coworking space that you are seeking to join. To get a better understanding, you should have a conversation with members if it's possible during your tour. Don't hesitate to ask your questions during your tour. Lastly, consider success stories of former or current members.


Choosing the best coworking space for your startup is a critical decision that can affect your business. It's not just about the budget, you should consider reputation, flexibility, security, amenities, community and location. You should consider these topics while you are selecting your coworking. If you are in L.A. let's arrange a tour to one of our vibrant locations in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. 

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