March 25, 2024

Ultimate Guide: How to Find the Best Coworking Space Near You in 2024

The emergence of the gig economy, remote work culture, and flexible work arrangements has increased demand for coworking spaces. For the modern worker—whether a freelancer, remote employee, or entrepreneur—finding a suitable coworking space is not just a matter of convenience but can also significantly impact productivity, networking opportunities, and overall job satisfaction. Hence, it is crucial to navigate the sea of coworking spaces to find the one that best suits your needs.

In this ultimate guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of finding the best coworking space near you in 2024. We'll cover everything from determining your needs, researching options, visiting and evaluating spaces, and finally making the right decision. With practical advice and actionable tips, this guide will equip you to make an intelligent and informed choice for your workspace that resonates with your professional goals and work style.

Step 1: Assess Your Needs and Criteria

Before you begin your search, it's essential to clearly define what you're looking for in a coworking space. Consider the following questions to establish your needs and criteria:

What are Your Must-Haves?

Are you currently seeking a private office to immerse yourself in focused work, a dedicated desk that reflects your style and preferences, or maybe the flexibility of a hot desk that adapts to your dynamic needs? It's crucial to think about your ideal working environment: Does a bustling, lively space fuel your creativity, or do you thrive in a serene, secluded setting that cultivates deep focus and efficiency? Remember, your workspace influences your daily routine and significantly impacts your overall productivity and well-being. Choose wisely to create a workspace that empowers you to do your best work every day.

What Services Do You Require?

Is having high-speed internet a non-negotiable for you when considering workspace options? What about the availability of well-equipped meeting rooms, convenient printing services, or private phone booths for uninterrupted calls? Ensuring a productive work environment with reliable connectivity and essential amenities can significantly impact your daily workflow and overall satisfaction with your workspace choice.

The Significance of Location

How far would you be willing to commute for your ideal space? Are you explicitly seeking a location in a specific neighborhood that offers excellent amenities, such as cafes, gyms, parks, and convenient transport links for your daily needs, such as buses, trains, or subway stations? Considering all these factors is essential when choosing the perfect place to call home.

Community and Networking

Are you searching for a lively and vibrant place that fosters a strong sense of community through various engaging events, enriching workshops, and valuable networking opportunities? Or perhaps you prefer the tranquility of enjoying your own company and personal space, savoring moments of quiet reflection and relaxation.


What is your estimated monthly workspace budget? When planning your budget, it's crucial to be realistic and consider that additional services or amenities could impact the overall cost. Please feel free to share any specific requirements or preferences you have for your workspace setup. Your input will help tailor the workspace to your needs and ensure a productive environment.


Are you looking for a flexible month-to-month arrangement that allows you the freedom to adjust as needed, or do you prefer the stability and potential cost savings of committing to a longer-term agreement? Understanding your preference regarding the duration can help us customize our services to perfectly align with your unique requirements and provide you with the most suitable solutions.

Step 2: Research Coworking Spaces

With your specific criteria clearly outlined, it's crucial to research the diverse array of available options. Use many sources, such as online platforms, expert opinions, and user reviews, to gather comprehensive, relevant information. This extensive research phase will empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions tailored to your needs and preferences.

Online Coworking Directories

Platforms such as Coworker or Deskpass provide a diverse selection of workspaces conveniently located in your area. Dive into comprehensive reviews, browse through captivating photos, and uncover the amenities these spaces offer to tailor your workspace experience perfectly. Enjoy the exciting journey of exploration!

Social Media

Search for hashtags or pages related to coworking spaces in your area to discover vibrant communities and inspiring workspaces. Explore social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to gain insight into these shared work environments' unique culture, diverse amenities, and captivating aesthetics. Engage with posts, stories, and virtual tours to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere and connect with like-minded professionals who thrive in collaborative settings.

Local Business Directories

Explore local business listings and directories in your neighborhood or city to discover hidden gems of smaller, independent workspaces that might not be easily found on mainstream coworking platforms. By delving into these often overlooked sources, you can unearth unique and boutique spaces tailored to your specific needs and preferences, providing a personalized and niche environment for your work or creative projects. This approach allows for a more intimate and curated experience, adding a touch of exclusivity to your workspace selection process.

Ask Your Network

Leverage your professional contacts or community groups by contacting individuals with personal experience with coworking spaces. Seek advice from those who have successfully navigated the coworking environment, as their insights and recommendations can offer invaluable guidance in selecting the ideal coworking space that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements and preferences.

Step 3: Visit and Assess the Space

Once you've shortlisted a few spaces, it's time to visit them personally. Here's what to look for during your visits:

Location and Accessibility

Is the location convenient for you and your clients? Will they find it easily accessible by parking facilities or public transport? Are there nearby amenities like restaurants or cafes where you can take breaks and have meetings? It's important to consider how the location aligns with your clients' needs for accessibility, convenience, and comfort.

Amenities and Services

Thoroughly assess the quality and availability of the services offered. Conduct internet speed tests, inquire about the level of IT support provided, and observe the staff's responsiveness to your queries. Please pay attention to how efficiently they address your concerns and how effectively they communicate information. This comprehensive evaluation will help you gauge the overall service standards and make an informed decision.


Assess the ambiance thoroughly. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the environment. How does it feel to work there? Is the space well-lit and organized, or is it cluttered and chaotic? Consider the colors, the textures, and the sounds around you. Is the atmosphere conducive to your productivity, with a sense of calm and focus, or does it feel distracting? Reflect on how the space influences your workflow and overall well-being.


If possible, interact with some of the members. Engage in conversations and discussions to get to know them better. Do you envision yourself building connections and fostering collaborations with the talented individuals at the shared workspace?

The Nitty-Gritty

Please take some time to review the contract terms thoroughly. Pay close attention to the specifics of any additional costs related to services, the notice period required for vacating the premises, and the degree of flexibility granted in choosing your desk or requesting an office relocation within the space. Understanding these details is essential to ensure a smooth and successful working environment.

Step 4: Test the Coworking Space

Some coworking spaces offer trial days or short-term memberships. Take advantage of these to truly experience daily life at the coworking space.

Productivity Test

Spend a few consecutive days immersing yourself in that environment to observe firsthand how your productivity levels and overall work satisfaction are impacted. Take time to reflect on whether the surroundings genuinely enhance your work noticeably and significantly, considering factors such as lighting, noise levels, comfort, and layout.

Attend Events

When evaluating a potential coworking space that prioritizes community, it's beneficial to participate in various events to experience the diverse range of activities offered. This firsthand involvement not only helps you gauge the available networking opportunities but also allows you to immerse yourself in the space's vibrant atmosphere and collaborative spirit.

Ask for Feedback

Engage with the staff and members in a friendly manner, encouraging them to share honest feedback about the space. Their insights can provide valuable perspectives and highlight aspects of the space you might not have noticed initially. Building a collaborative environment where feedback is welcomed can lead to a deeper understanding of the space and potential improvements.

Step 5: Weight Your Options

After exploring and experiencing the different spaces, you will probably develop a strong sense of which resonated most with you. This is the moment to carefully evaluate and contrast them with the initial criteria you had in mind.

Pros and Cons List

When you visit different coworking spaces, creating a detailed list for each location is beneficial. Take note of your preferences, the amenities that stood out to you, any drawbacks you observed, and your overall impressions based on your firsthand experience. This thorough approach can help you make informed decisions and find the best fit for your workspace needs.

Additional Research

If you encounter any uncertainties or unanswered questions during your visits to the coworking space, it might be beneficial to conduct additional research to gain a deeper understanding. Another option is to reach out to the space's representatives for further clarification and detailed information. This proactive approach will help you make the most of your coworking experience and comprehensively address any queries.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

When contemplating a subscription service, it's essential to consider not only the monthly fees but also any additional expenses that may arise. Delve into a thorough comparison of these costs against the quality of services and amenities offered to ensure you make a well-informed decision. This comprehensive evaluation will help you choose the subscription that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Step 6: Make a Decision

Finally, it's time to make a decision.

Reflect on Your Experience

Consider how each physical environment, from open, collaborative spaces to private offices, aligns with your requirements. Evaluate whether it complements your unique work approach, such as needing quiet focus or thriving in a social setting, and consider how it supports your long-term career aspirations.

Listen to Your Gut

Consider taking a moment to reflect on the spaces that evoke a profound sense of comfort and familiarity, where you feel genuinely at home and completely at ease. Explore various locations that ignite your creativity and fuel your productivity, envisioning yourself functioning, flourishing, and feeling genuinely content in those enriching environments.

Negotiate Terms

If you've narrowed down a particular space for your needs, don't hesitate to negotiate the terms that truly matter to you. Whether discussing the price to ensure it aligns with your budget or negotiating the contract length to suit your requirements, taking the time to address these key aspects can lead to a more satisfactory agreement.

Sign Up and Start Working

Once you're happy with the terms and ready to embark on this exciting journey, sign up to unlock the doors to your new, productive work environment! Enjoy the seamless transition and embrace the opportunities that await you.

If you are planning to continue your work in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, or El Segundo, we invite you to join us on a tour to see our unique coworking spaces as soon as possible. Explore the inspiring work environments and amenities tailored to enhance productivity and creativity. We look forward to showcasing how our spaces can elevate your work experience.

Finding the best coworking space is not just about convenience or cost; it's about finding a place to thrive professionally and personally. By following this detailed guide, you'll be well on your way to finding a coworking space that is the perfect fit for you in 2024. Happy co-working!

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