October 30, 2023

How to Find the Best Event Venue in 9 Steps in 2024

If you are a event manager or hosting an event for your personal life or for your established company, we prepared a basic guide for you. Whether it will be your first event or you are experienced, this guide will navigate you for hosting the best event with selecting the perfect event venue in 2024. You have many alternatives available, it can be conference room, a trendy garden, beach, party house or a rooftop. This guide is prepared for you!

Define your event needs

As the first step you need to know;

• The type of event

• Needs for the event

• Purpose

• Attendee requirements

It can be a formal conference with industry experts from different cities and companies, a team building event, a birthday party for your dad, a graduation party, year end meetings, house party or a bridal shower with your friends. You need to know what type event you are going to planning. Once you have identified the nature of your event, it will be easier to find and choose the most suitable event venue. You can reduce your options when you decide on the theme of your event.

Consider your budget

One of the most important topic is the budget you are planning to spend. If you make a list of must haves and optional requirements you can easily create your total budget for the event. Your budget will be the main determinator for finding the suitable venue, amenities offered and number of attendees.

Determine your expected number of attendees

After planning your total budget for your event, now it's time to consider expected number of attendees. Determining the number of attendees is a vital topic especially for the budget and the operation. If you can estimate the number of attendees, you will be able to make a plan about your operation, event schedule and required services to make them feel comfortable. Ensuring they have enough space to sit in order, move freely without interruptions and comfort, these all affect to the overall event satisfaction of your guests.

Location is key

As we mentioned in choosing the best coworking space and private office space, the location of the event venue has the same importance as well. Some of the key tips are;

• Accessible

• Prestegious area

• Near major public transportation stations

• The proximity - distance from the city centre

• Variety of restaurants and bars nearby

• Enough capacity for the event

You need to ensure that venue is easily accessible for your guests to increase overall enjoyable experience. It's important to be reachable with train, bus and other public transportation alternatives. Restaurants and other options for dining or having a meeting & party after the event.

Venue amenities

The venue must meet your & guests requirements. It's essential to choose an event venue that exceeds your expectations, only this situation can increase the overall event satisfaction. The suitable venue has to offer;

• Free & convenient parking

• Reliable wifi

• Audiovisual equipment

• Vibrant ambiance

• Elegant decor

• Kind and attentive staff

Catering options

After you eliminated some of the venues, you need to consider the quality of food and beverage services of the rest. If you want to guarantee an exceptional experience for your guests, you have to choose a venue both offers catering services and allow catering services from third parties. You need to ensure the taste, you can organize a tasting session with the event managers to see the overall quality.

You need to consider every kind of option like guests who are vegan or in a diet etc. The quality of both taste and service is crucial as the location itself.

Tour the venue

During your event planning stage you have to tour the venue. After you finalized the specific venue for your event, you have to visit the location personally again for a final inspection. You need to ensure that event managers completely understand your needs, the availability of various amenities. You should assess every aspect with event venue which may impact the success and quality of your event.

Read reviews and get recommendations

Before deciding the event venue, you should consider read the reviews from booking websites and Google. There are lots of comments from variable type of events. These comments will navigate you to find the most suitable event space for your event. You can see the strenghts and weaknesses of the each platform, at the end you will be able to make the most consistent decision.

Safety Measures

It is important to evaluate the event space for safety precautions.

• Temperature checks

• Strategically positioned sanitazing stations

• Proper ventilation system

• Emergency plan


By following these eight simple steps, you can transform the process into a more manageable and enjoyable experience. We have provided convenience for you and designed the activity areas in our El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach offices to cater every type of event you need.

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