August 24, 2023

Top 15 Event Ideas for Coworking Spaces in 2024

Coworking spaces have became joyful environment for freelancers, remote workers and even startups in the last couple of years. These shared office spaces provide flexible and collaborative atmosphere, so that people from different sectors and cultures can join and benefit. Coworking spaces includes dedicated workstations, comfortable seating design, various amenities to boost productivity and efficiency. If you are a coworking space event manager or a member that focused to host different kind of events, we have prepared a guide to inspire you. Each year, Unita Club hosts more than 100+ events, this is why we wanted to prepare a list and share our experiences. If you want to organize a notable event, don't forget to arrange a tour to our event spaces in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

"Lunch and Learn Sessions" is our choice to foster a culture between different kind of units and teams. You need to consider organizing lunch and learn sessions on a - bi-weekly or montly too see the results and get regular feedback. It will create a supportive environment for your team to engage eachother and share ideas together for growing your business. Don't forget to host it in a regular schedule.

Speed Networking

"Speed Networking" is a dynamic and productive event that offers you and your team as an excellent opportunity to engage deeply. This type of team gathering events will help you and other departments to get to know eachother and brainstorm about the organization managegement and communication. These professional meetings boosts networking within all the units in the same organization and fosters socialization for building new connections between different teams.

Game Nights

"Game Nights" is another successful event type that we can offer for socializing and team building among the same organization / group. This type of event fosters a sense of community among members and creates vivacious atmosphere full of laughter. Game Nights offer unique opportunity to build long lasting relationships between individuals while they are focused on gaming. Participants can engage in different type of team building exercises to become a team while playing various type of board games. From classic games to modern favorites, there is always a board game for everyone to enjoy and connect!

Meet and Greets

"Meet and Greets" events are another suggestion of Unita event managers. These events are effortless to manage for members in the same group or organization. It gathers like minded people who share same passion for their business or lives, people can share their experiences eachother. You can prefer adding snacks, beers and other beverages to get the event to another level. You should consider the feedback after the event series, you will see the team dynamics get stronger.


"Skillshare" events offer unique and mostly effective approach to foster deeper connections among your team and colleagues. This ideal platform provides a space for you to give you experiences and insights to others to improve their skillsets. You can encouraging all team members to deliver their educational & business sessions,  where each individual has the opportunity to engage to all sessions. You can see the result after arranging these type of events, your team members will be encouraged to get new skills depend on the content which fosters mutual development.

Volunteer and Community Days

In coworking spaces, you can see people from different cultures and requirements. With organizing "Volunteer and Community Days" people from this environment can give back to other communities through. This type of events will provide a sense better feelings and pride your team members or people in the same organization. These events can be fundraising for different communities, create new garden for people, beach clean-up activities in relevant location that could help people to live in better environment. At the end you will see that, people will share same feelings and passions to participate another "Volunteer and Community Days" events.

Wellness and Fitness Events

Some coworking spaces have gym facilities but in Unita Club we have different kind of event spaces that members can host fitness events. These activities can be yoga, meditation sessions to stress reduction for the community and other groups that host these meetings at Unita Club. You can bring skilled fitness instructor to level-up your activity, make members a little sweat, foster new connections between the same group. Adding some fitness enthusiasts will not be a bad idea to influence others to participate with their high level effort. These events will provide physical and mental well-being to your teams / members.

Entrepreneurial Workshops

You can consider organizing a series of informative workshops to host influencing guest lecturers about entrepreneuiral activites and businesses. This will provide new skillsets to members, encourage participants to create new business for their professional life. These events can be about market analysis, creating marketing strategies, managing customer experience and support, financial management topics and more. These workshops train people to be more professional in their business lifes.

Industry-Specific Panel Discussions

You can host / manage industry specific panels or seminars to provide valuable information to members of specific industries. Engaging panel discussions will encourage members to ask for what they are curious on the specific industry. You can invite different experts and seasoned professionals from the relevant industry to listen their experiences, various perspectives. They can share industry trends, challanges they faced in previous years, rich knowledge on the specific industry; these activities will make attendees more informed about their businesses.

Themed Networking Events

You can consider hosting events with specific themes that leave an impact, adjust with the interests of niche attendees. For instance organizing events focused on sustainability initiatives, organization management, budgeting trends and practices will attract individuals or people to see the latest trends and innovative ideas and also run brainstorming sesssions about their industries.

Art Exhibitions

As Unita Club we manage art exhibitions every quarter. These exhibitions strengthen local connections in the same environment. You can invite talented local artists to showcase their paintings, sculptures to boost cultural richness in the same environment. Collaborative efforst will enrich the visual charm of the space, foster deep rooted appreciation within the community you participated with. You can invite DJ's to create energetic atmosphere during the exhibition.


If you want to foster a culture of innovation an teamwork within the same organization, you can manage or organize different kind of hackathons tailored for tech oriented. These high powered events will provide attendees and participants to showcase their skills and make long lasting relationship within the same organization.

Professional Headshot Days

At Unita Club we manage professional headshot days every month, you can see the dates from our official Instagram account. Personalized headshots will increase the identity of for the same organization. Participants will get professional visuals for their business and it will have an impact on the visibility of your organization. This will help branding, impression on clients and every team members in your organization. These events will elevate individual's online presence with these professional - personal brand.

Movie Nights

Apart from corporate activities in the same organization, managing movie nights can be suitable for all members. They will share the same social experience, unwind and bond with the same passion. These nights will provide an absolute setting for team members to relax, share same experience and have an unforgettable memories together. During the movie night you can arrange snacks, beers and other beverages to take this night to another level.

Guest Lectures

Apart from the skillshare activities you can host guest lectures to encourage people for their passions. You can invite influencers or industry leaders to share their experiences and trends on specific industry or topic. This will lead your members to get opportunity to gain insights, knowledge on specific topic, practical advises from these experts and professionals. These activities will be interactive for members to ask their questions about the relevant topic. People can create valuable networking with these professionals and experts. These events will grow your team members for better experiences.

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