September 18, 2023

What is Time Blocking and Steps You Need To Follow

In today's business context, wherein getting work done is synonymous with efficiency, planning out the ways to keep in focus and finish works on time has to be a top priority. Nevertheless, this is not the easiest to achieve in the times of different loss of concentration problems. A trick that has proved to be highly effective in managing your time and productivity over the years is time blocking, a technique where you establish boundaries for your tasks by allocating a fixed time for each task and sticking to the given schedule. Dedicated time slotting is to specify the specific activities to do in your day time with a desire to give structure and attention. Precise scheduling and keeping to it pays off in the long run. Don't just be quantity driven as you will be only efficient in your professional life.

What is time blocking?

Time-tracking is a time management method which implies a day segmentation into time blocks. Each block given is to do with the accomplishing of task(s) of the group or one specific task. Presenting something from this aspect, the individual will be able to do only one thing at a given time, hence, there are no distractions as well as increased productivity. From purposeful act of dedication like removing some activities from the schedule and allotting a specific amount of time to each activity, time blocking ensures that priorities are completed and time is well used.

Steps You Need to Follow

Identify your most important tasks

Firstly, you need to identify and prioritize your most crutial projects and tasks. These projects and tasks have to be most essential ones which contributes and affect most to your overall goals. You sould start by creating a short list of your critical tasks for the entire day or the whole week, you need to be sure that lists includes every little topic. Now, prioritize these list to the most important to less important one, the most sensivite ones should be in the top of the list. This method will help you to spend your time and energy effectively, focus on the most important to maximize your productiveness.

Plan your schedule

After completing the first step and listed your most critical topics now schedule your work. Time blocking is an efficient method, you have to assign specific time slots for maximize the benefit you will have from it. It's time to delegate different time slots for your every task to maximize your efficiency. You need to add short breaks, meals and other activities to protect your wellbeing and mental health.

Stick to your schedule

After completing the first two step, now it is time to pay importance to stick to your schedule. If you want to see the complete results of time blocking method, you need to follow your schedule correctly. After delegated time slots for every task, follow the guidence of time blocking method. Pay importance to avoid distractions like social media, emails and other activities - unplanned breaks. These steps offer you to keep & maintain your productivity and effiency. Apart from avoid using mobile phone, don't forget to share your work schedule with your family and friends to prevent them disturbing you during your efficient time.

Evaluate and adjust your schedule

You need to see the results and the path that you are following after a few day with "time blocking". It's critical to see the results of your efforts dedicated on time blocking method. Take your list and evaluate the results of these tasks like the time management, measure the efficiency of your efforts. Note any challange and unforeseen topics that you faced in this process. During this evaluation, you might see that you completed some of the tasks before the targeted time, if you encounter a situation like this, it means that you are in the right path for time blocking method.

Use time blocking for personal tasks

At the end, after completing your dedicated & prioritized tasks about your projects, now it's time to focus on using time blocking method on your daily personal tasks. It can be gaining new skills, new relationships with people, regular exercises. You should follow standard instructions for time blocking method to complete your tasks smoothly.


The schedule blocking is a one of the simple but efficient tools that will help you become more productive and to achieve greater work quantity. Through spotting priority tasks, deciding on your plan, following your plan, correcting and adjusting your plan as necessary, as well as using the time blocks for personal stands, you can take the lead in productivity and reach success in personal and professional areas of your life. From freelancer to remote employee, from startup founder to business owner time-blocking will enable you to be the boss of your schedule, to stay to the point and to actually achieve your goals. Let us therefore encourage our community endeavor.

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