October 26, 2023

Coworking Spaces with Childcare - A Game Changer for Working Parents

Being a working parent can be incredibly challenging in the modern world, number of responsibilities are increasing day by day. You need to be ensure what your child/children are well on the other hand, you are working for long hours, you need to meet deadlines. on your tasks. If you are spending most of day your at your workspace, a significant help is required.

In this blog post, we will focust into the benefits of coworking spaces which offer childcare services. We will evaluate the childcare services by coworking spaces in different ways like how they are contributing your life for your both personal and professional lives.

Do Coworking Spaces Offer Childcaring Services?

With a short answer, YES. Most of the coworking spaces provide childcare services in addition to their standard memberships. Let's review this service and the reasons depply.

Most important advantage of a coworking space which offer childcare services is being in the same environment with your child. This encourages you to focus on yur tasks and projects easily, effectively. First of all you know that you can see your child or children everytime you want, he/she is staying in the secure area, safety is not a problem anymore.

Imagine that you have the freedom to see your child during breaks, feel the comfort in their faces, this will foster you to be more productive person for your tasks. In addition, you will gain precious time in your home without controlling & being dedicated for the child. This will help you to have a balance between your professional and personal lives.

What Are the Advantages of a Coworking Space with Childcare?

The unique setup and design in specific woroking space encourages parents to focus on their work, because they know their child is in safe, well cared by skilled staff in the coworking space. It boosts the productivity of each parent.

Freelancers, small teams, startups and all individuals can build new network, exhange and enhance their skills, share the same environment with like minded people. Diverse range of individuals from various sectors and profiles can help with new & fresh perspectives for any kind of situtation. You can spend more time in your workspace for these kind of activities.

For the professionals, socializing is a hard aspect. With a coworking space that has unique work environment and rich community provides you an opportunity to socialize with like minded people from various industries. You don't spend your extra time with your child, you will know he or she is safe as a result you can spend more time for building professional relationships.

Traditional daycare and hiring a babysitter require way higher budget than working in the same environment with your child in coworking space. These innovative spaces provide unique and low cost services for you. Flexible working hours and part time opportunities, you can choose what works perfectly for you and make your own schedule while spending less money than other childcare alternatives.

What Are the Challenges Associated with Providing Childcare Services?

A coworking space has to navigate / obey strict regulatory and licensing requirements to gain license of providing childcare services in the same location for parents. To build a secure area with safety regulations, they need to hire new staff, skilled employee for childcare which increases the total cost per membership.

Designers have to spend more time on planning and desinging a coworking space. They must build a space for both professionals and children, which is a strict challange for them. These aspects are soundproof walls, secured areas to play, protocols for emergencies and system for parental notifications. Sustaining a high quality childcare service can be costly.

Coworking spaces with childcare offer flexibility when we compare them with traditional coworking spaces. But providing a full day childcare services is not basic as providing 24/7 services. Coworking facility has to be flexible for every need / requirement of parents to provide the service smoothly.


In the conclusion, If you are spending most of your day at work, you might consider to search for a space that looks after your child / children. Hope this short guide helps you on your decision about your next workspace.

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