October 30, 2023

Coworking Office vs Virtual Office: A Side-by-Side Comparison

In this comprehensive blog post, we will compare coworking spaces and virtual offices by mentioning amenities, features and considerations. If you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a SME, this detailed guide will navigate you to choose the best option for your business depend on your requirements.

Cost Effectiveness

Virtual Offices

Mostyl, virtual office membership is cheaper than coworking space membership. Virtual office members can save their budget for alternative activities like marketing. Virtual office space membership requires monthly or yearly subscription as well as coworking space membership. But they provide a more budget friendly alternative with lower rates. With a virtual office you can benefit a prestigious business address and essential services at the same time this membership requires reduced overhead costs.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking space membership is more expensive than virtual offices but they are cheaper than private office spaces. The main reason of the budget gap is the standard and additional amenities that coworking spaces offer. These are mainly meeting room advantage, booths for calls or dedicated working hours, collaborative workspace options. You can save expenses like renting, utilities and maintanence if we compare with private office spaces.


Virtual Offices

You will be able to benefit different amenities with virtual office membership but this doesn't include using physical spaces. This is a crucial disadvantage of virtual office membership. Virtual offices offer flexibility and convenience but not the same social interaction and community opportunities as coworking spaces.

Coworking Spaces

You can benefit from the collaborative & creative environment in a coworking space, this is the most important benefit of a coworking space against virtual office membership. Because a unique enviromnent can encourage you to work more efficient, gain new skills, build long lasting relationships with like minded people, make strategic partnerships with a coworking space membership. A coworking space membership also includes dedicated desk membership, it has only advantage of having a dedicated desk and a chair. In coworking spaces, individuals can freely share their ideas, and discuss business topics with passion. As in the Unita Club there are networking events, workshops with experts, brainstorming sessions with other teams to boost overall satisfaction of your social & professional life together. In a coworking space you can connect with multi cultures, learn new visions and gain skills from experts.


Virtual Offices

In addition to obtaining a prestigious physical business adress, virtual office members benefit from dedicated phone, fax services and flexibility to rent private office space if their projects and tasks require. If you have a virtual office membership, you can work from your home remotely, have secured area for your physical documents but you need to pay importance and invest in your cloud services to prevent cyber attacks.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking space members are mostly working in open & shared areas. In Unita Club every member has their own lockers and they can secure physical documents in there after working hours. Coworking spaces offer high speed internet with cyber security system against cyber attacks from different locations. This gives an opportunity to secure documents safely in coworking spaces. CCTV surveillance is one of amenities you can benefit from. This added layer of security offers you peace of mind, you know that your confidential documents and equipments are safe in case of any problem.


Virtual Offices

You can select a virtual office membership whereever you need. Both coworking members and virtual office members have some flexibilitiy to work from various locations. The location of the space provides a prestigious address that boosts the professional image for your clients and suppliers. This benefit is same as coworking space memberhips.

Coworking Spaces

In addition to have a prestigious and professional business address, you can extend your business' presence throughtout the city, benefit from the proximity with your clients and suppliers. You can meet more frequently, the location advantage gives you the opportunity to be more accesible for your business relationships.


Depend on the budget and features of these membership types we can mention on the most important benefits below.

Virtual Offices

• Mail handling and forwarding

• Virtual address

• Have a chance to work from different places

Coworking Spaces

• A vibrant community

• Unique working environment

• Different type of event spaces

• Spaces for team & client meetings (conference rooms)

• Gym spaces

• Brand identity for your teammates

• Productive and creative work hours

• Networking

• Facilities like kitchen and cafe

Business Image

If you want to have a strong and reputable brand presence, the coworking space membership and virtual space membership will provide the same value. Both offer numerous benefits that can significantly improve your brand image & credibility. You will have a prestigious business address which will create a sense of trust for your clients and potential partners.

Whether you are a freelance, a small team or a part of an established team, both membership types guarantee you the best brand value and perception for clients. In coworking spaces, you have a chance to welcome your guests, clients in your secured, dedicated meeting space.

Networking Opportunities

As we mentioned earlier, you will have a crucial chance to build a unique network in coworking spaces. Besides from working in a shared office space various type of events offer you opportunities to grow your network.

• Happy hours

• Networking events

• Guest spearkers - experts

• Workshops

• Seminars

Brainstorming sessions are some of these event types to boost your network in a coworking space. You may have a discussion with like minded people, see their passion against their business and targets and encourage yourself for achieving more.


Both alternatives, virtual office memberships and coworking space memberships offer you the same flexibility level. It is an additional benefit if we compare with traditional office spaces. You can effectively manage your business from anywhere, allowing to have a location independent business life. You can choose your work hours, create your own schedule because most of the coworking spaces are open 24/7. This ultimate flexibility side will empower you to have a balanced work-life hours that you required.


In conclusion, when deciding between a coworking space and a virtual office in one of spaces in Unita Club's El Segundo, Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach offices, it's crucial to consider your business's unique requirements and preferences for choosing the best one.

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