November 21, 2023

The Benefits of Remote Work for Creators and Freelancers - 5 Key Advantages

Working from home is the new and modern work style for many people from various industries. The enhancement in digital technologies has affected the work style and all businesses and transformed the world into a more engaged place. Now, there are new and diverse possibilities for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and event established companies. In this blog post we are going to evaluate the benefits and advantages of remote working for these type of businesses.

Increased productivity

Working remotely has lots of different benefits. One of the most crucial one is reducing the travel time between your home and office, this situation creates free time for your personal life. You can complete your tasks and projects without interruptions and distractions from outside, working remotely provides a comfortable workspace for you to focus your responsibilities. At the end your productivity and efficieny level will increase.

A study from Stanford University shows that remote workers who work in a flexible community & environment can increase their productivity level by 13% higher than people who are working in traditional office space - environment. Getting used to remote work style boosts your effiency and promotes overall wellbeing.


Flexibility is one of the most crucial benefits of remote working. Whether you have a family with a child, attending regular medical appointments, other personal tasks to do, flexitibility offers you a unique control over your professional life. It is a kind of game changer for your both personal and professional lives.

Flexibility in remote working style refers "no more rushing through traffic, no more crowded public transportation". With preferring a remote work workstyle, you can structure your whole day through your personal requirements and responsibilities. If you need to take a break? No problem. If you want a quick workout during your lunch break? No problem for this one too. The flexibility of remote working increases your overall satisfaction on your life.

Cost savings

One of the most important advantages of remote work to save money especially on different topics. These are transportation, eating from restaurants everyday, daily work related expenses. Remote workers have ability to control their expenses more, they can invest other required equipment like comfortable chair, useful desk, technological devices. Lot's of companies offer amenities like paying the utility usage, energy bills to reduce costs of their employees.

Additionaly, remote workers do not need to pay extra for dressing. Traditional office workers are spending more on their professional attire but remote workers can use their casual outfits in their home.

Improved health and wellbeing

There are proven researches about the influence of remote working. These are mainly reducing stress, increasing the job satisfaction, positively impact on mental & physical health, boosting the productivity and creativity. Remote work eliminates the daily commute and provide a flexibility to work from different places like coworking spaces, libraries and coffee shops; with this advantage people can reduce their stress level.

Remote workers can prepare their schedule which is a crucial benefit for balancing their work-personal life top optimize their energy levels. Having the control over their work life balance boosts their wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Access to a global talent pool

As we all know remote workers can run their tasks and projects whereever they want. Companies have an important benefit because of this; they can access much wider pool of talent. Companies can hire skilled professionals from different continents and various countries, they can expand their reach with remote working. In some examples firms can save huge budgets by hiring professionals from other geographies or they can hire skilled employees which can thrive the organization's capabilities and fostering their innovation.


In summary, the advantages of remote work are many. It guarantees enhanced productivity and flexibility, resulting in reduced costs and a healthy work-life balance. It is also important to keep in mind the environment and finally, as at our El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach offices, we will keep working on solutions geared toward increasing productivity for our community.

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