October 25, 2023

Ranked Alternatives to Working From Home

In today's modern working and workplaceage, alternatives for remote working are increasing daily and they are becoming popular. As we all know, remote working offer flexibility to the employees, it became a type of benefit for companies to offer to their employees, it influences the general job satisfaction of each individual posivitely. Working from home sounds like a dream for all people, but it comes with different challanges. In this blog we made a list of working alternatives of working from home. You can see the advantages of working from coworking spaces, libraries, coffee shops, office spaces and even virtual offices.

CoWorking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer an excellent alternative for people who need a modern, creative, productive environment and community to work. Coworking spaces are generally chosen by freelancers, startups, small businesses and event established companies which have remote workers in different locations. Coworking spaces offer physical office benefits for especially Individuals and companies.

Amenities like high speed wifi, parking, rooms for breakouts, kitchen facilities, built in kitchen are perfect solutions for freelancers and companies. Well equipped meeting rooms & conference rooms for client meetings & team brainstorming sessions are building a brand impression in the eyes of clients, brand identity for your colleagues. Ready to use printers, scanners, 3d printers are such amenities for coworking spaces mostly offer. Comfortable design, creative space makes people more efficient for their projects & tasks.

Coworking spaces host different kinds of events like expert guest lecturers, workshops to sharpen partipant's skills, networking with like minded people from both different & same industries. These events allow new innovations occur and grow.

Coffee Shops

If you are looking for comfortable space with lower cost, preferring coffee shops can be an excellent idea. These areas provide an ambiance for you to be productive and efficient for your projects & tasks. Freshly brewed coffee always can invigorate your senses and keep you alive for your work hours. Many coffee shops offer built in daily workspace memberships for generally students and freelancers. These areas are not productive and don't provide such amenities like coworking spaces but they require lower budget for people.

Most of the coffee shops offer productive environment, network with other freelancers or students and event basic events that fosters people to build new relationships with others. These spaces are not serving the same level as coworking spaces but a good alternative for coworking spaces and better alternatives from working home.

Public Libraries

If you are searching for free and communal area for your tasks and projects, libraries may be the excellent choice for you. Library areas are generally quiet ant the only sound you hear can be the turning pages. With commitment to slience, public libraries become one of the ideal setting for providing deep concentration and efficiency for participants for their daily task and projects.

Public libraries offer wifi connectivity, seamless resources for searching, comfortable design for boosting productivity for people. You can use every location for your projects even use a private corners for spontaneuos meetings & calls. Free amenities that public libraries offer unique budget affectivity for freelances and students.

Most important aspect for a public library is maintaining a low nose level, respecting the others while working. By paying importance to this kind of etiquettes, everyone can use public libraries effectively.

Renting an Office Space

For the people who are looking for a private space & appraciate the importance dedicated workspace, renting private office space will be the best option. Renting an office space is the best option for individuals like law offices, established companies, startups and small teams of employees. These spaces provide professional enviroment with well equieed meeting rooms and conference rooms with a professional setup.

Unita Club offers unique private office spaces with professional services in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo or Manhattan Beach locations, you gain access to a physical area to conduct your business activities and benefit from the added advantages it brings.

Renting or leasing an office space is a crucial investment especially for established companies. With the privacy benefit that office space provides to teams, make them maintaining focus. Main difference between renting or leasing an office space and coworking space membership is the noise and privacy level. Office spaces offer higher efficiency and control over the work environment which leads a high quality work.

Virtual Offices

Virtual office spaces are the best option who have lower budget for coworking spaces and private offices. If you are seeking for a professional image & brand perception, selecting virtual office membership will be the perfect choice. You will gain prestigious business address, phone answering & delivery, storage service, accessible high technologic meeting rooms with a virtual office membership.

If we compare with other working alternatives, most flexible for working is the virtual office. Remote workers, freelances and small businesses gain benefit with selecting virtual space. Virtual office members can prefer working from different areas, cities and even countries, because they have a physical office, all kind of services with a virtual membership. You can focus on your business to establish and grow with a virtual office, it requires a lower budget with offering various options.

From mail handling and forwarding to a professional receptionist answering calls for you, a virtual office supports you to maintain a professional image for your clients. In addition, many virtual office providers can also give you access to co-working spaces, networking events, and business support services which can help you meet other business people and thus expand your professional network. These are additional amenities that virtual office space members.


To sum up, working from home is not the best solution for everyone. It seems like a great way to go because of the flexibility involved. However, lots of people find it hard to develop a good level of productivity when they are surrounded by a familiar home environment. Yet, it is not the only work environment. Nature of work and the person's preferences are the factors that determine what workplace will be the most appropriate. There are quite a few alternative ways to work, so everyone will find a suitable one. A correct workspace depends on individual preferences, work style and personal needs. Possibly, it will take a bit of time and trials to cover up the personal ideal environment that will help to be more productive, focused, and happy at the work.

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