November 8, 2023

Product Launch: Where and How to Organize It?

Dear Unita Blog followers, as you know there are many different event types to organize in a event venue. Today we will focus on organizing your product lunch at the right platform. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each option, share new valuable insights that will help you to make the suitable decision. Hope this blog post will navigate you on how you should organize your product launch.

Online Launches

We are used to follow product launches in a conference room with lots of people who are journalists, influencers and others like Apple. How about doing the product launch online? This will be cost effective and provide a broader reach in different regions. It will eliminate geographical barriers and people connect your product launch from different places.

On the contrary, it has a challenging disadvantage. With an online product launch, it can be hard to eliminate distractions of competitors' potential activities. You will need to create a unique marketing strategy that can influence all the viewers on the screen and virtually. You need to consider these possibilities to avoid potential failure. A well designed marketing strategy can eliminate all potential challenges and influence all the people around the world those have interest in your product.

In-Store Launches

It commonly called in-store launch which happens in a physical retail store. It can be strategic approach to introducing your product that potential customers can see, touch and even try if possible. You can create an opportunity to create an interaction between your product and potential buyers. Visitors can experience features and benefits of your products at the retail store.

In addition, retail store is a platform that you can pitch your product directly to retailers, distributors and experts. You can build valuable partnerships and collaborations with in-store launch strategy.

Outdoor Launches

In the last couple of years, outdoor launches are becoming popular especially for consumer products. It creates an opportunity to showcase your product in an open field like park or historical places. Many automotive companies started to use this launch style to increase their brand awareness in different regions. Outdoor launch venue allows a unique experience where people can interact with the product, it's a kind of in-store launch but with higher number of attendees. Outdoor venues are best options for creating marketing content for blogs, social media accounts.

Press Launches

A press launch is a prestigious way of product launch, it's the most common method to promote your product effectively. You can generate an extensive media coverage with press launches. You can build new connections with influencers, journalists and bloggers to increase the numbers of reviews of your product. You can reach wider audiences with press launches with taking the attention of potential customers and stakeholders. Presentations, interactive product demonstrations and visuals can highligh your product's selling points and value proposition.

Soft Launches

Soft launch strategy is testing the product with a smaller and targeted audience before its official launch. Software & game creators can generally choose this way to release their products. They can gather important and valuable feedback from early adopters and make required adjustments to the product. With gathering these comments, they can change even their marketing and sale strategies.

In a soft launch, product is introduced to a targeted group of individuals through;

• Online platforms

• Physical stores

• Outdoor events

• Influencer meetings

This l approach enables them to to evaluate the product's performance and collect feedback from these valuable individuals


We hope this content will guide you to choose the right option for your product. As Unita we provide support to our community in prestigious areas in El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach coworking offices within the scope of all kind of product launches. Let's arrange a tour now!

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