October 15, 2023

Managing Remote Workers: 5 Simple Tips for Success in 2024

In this post we will discuss 5 main topics for managing a team of remote workers with a bonus topic. These topics will focus on building better communication, setting realistic expectations, providing necessary tools for team and setting a feedback system for your management. These topics will build a sense of belonging to the team and the projects that team has been running. Also we will share virtual team building activities in this blog content.

Communication is Key

We discussed that communication is one of the most important key factors for managing a team or a group. Additionaly effective communication is more crucial for managing a remote team to be successful. Communication is a kind of key element for preventing misunderstandings and establishing clear communication channels within the remote colleagues. You should consider implementing different communication platforms and tools to run unique collaboration and preventing problems between remote workers. These conversation platforms can be Microsoft Teams and Monday and task management softwares as Asana or Trello. Tehse platforms will provide instant messaging ability for building smooth information system between colleagues. Moreover providing video conferencing tools for team is crucial to gather all the team in urgent situations. These platforms will help you managing the team effectively while everyone in the team is working from different locations.

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

While everyone in the team working remotely, you should pay importance to set clear goals and working schedules from the beginning to the end of the project. With using the platforms which we mentioned above can help you scheduling working hours and setting deadlines in terms of specific weeks - months. By following these instructions you can avoid potential problems on finishing the tasks smoothly.

To set clear expectations, you should pay importance to prepare comprehensive job descriptions & define their roles clearly. This path will encourage them with a sense of purpose to their tasks & projects and a sense of belonging to the manager.

Use Collaborative Tools

After the global pandemic, all people from different locations and various industries started to use different kind of useful tools and platforms to work remotely. Team members from different continents can communicate easily and smoothly with others. As we mentioned in the "communication" tip, there are some options to boost creativity, efficiency and collaboration. You can use Asana for project management, this software offiers a wide range of features to manage tasks effectively, tracking the progress of projects and projecting the deadline of a task.

Another main option for task management is Trello, it's easy to use interface, Trello has offering lots of useful tools in free membership type, which can help people to use their budget for communication issueless. In Unita Club we are using Trello for project management among the team to follow and track all processes.

Encourage a Work-Life Balance

Working remotely requires a low budget because there is no cost for leasing or renting an office space. You can spend this budget to avoid risk of burnout and high stress for your team members. Sometimes, working remotely can blur the balance between work and home. People from different industries can face with a problem of working hours. There are some options for reducing these issues like offering budget and opportunities for exercises, mediations and pursuing hobbies to your workers. These options will help them to balance their working and relaxing hours.

Give Recognition and Feedback

Working remotely can often leading feelings of isolation and also disconnection from the team, it affects to efficiency and productivity. You can boost the members morale and motivation by providing regular recognation and regular feedback. You should pay importance to thank and reward their effors & accomplishments regularly. With a smooth and creative communication strategy you can share your thoughts about their work style. They will share their ideas and most probably the problems they face with.

Importance of Coworking Spaces

You can encourage remote workers to work in coworking spaces even if they are in different locations to support their mental well-being and work-life balance and ensure they are in a productive environment. We want to welcome your team to our El Segundo, Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach offices to facilitate their work life.


Sometimes, managing remote workers can be challenging. We wanted to share 5 important tips with a bonus for managing these remote teams smoothly. By following these instructions, they can work effectively and complete all the tasks successfully.

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