September 18, 2023

Discover the Top 7 Perks of Renting a Shared Office Space

In the last couple of years, all sized-businesses, freelancers, small groups started to prefer shared office spaces as known as coworking spaces instead of traditional office setups. We wanted to share top 7 perks & benefits of renting a shared office space for your business. Hope this content will guide you during your decision process.


Professionalism is one of the main offerings of a coworking space to individuals. When you rent a shared office, you will join a professional environment that fosters your work quality in a better way. Preferring a membership of shared office space will create a prestigious brand perception for your clients. You can welcome them in fully equipped meeting rooms, discuss the process of your projects smoothly. The dynamic side of a coworking space will help you to gain new skills, build new long lasting relationships with like minded professionals. You will find and make valuable connections who share the same passion and vision with you.

Networking Opportunities

As we mentioned in another blog post about networking, you will find new individuals in shared office spaces. The dynamic side of the environment offers you to meet new people from different industries but who feel the same passion and vision with you about their business. Establishing new connections during seminars, workshops, insightful and networking events will help you to grow your business faster. You will be able to find new mentors and experienced individuals for your business, you can make new partnerships with them to expand your business. You can make connections with potential clients and customers during these events.

Reduced Overheads

For new businesses, small teams, startups; financial status can be crucial problem. That's one of the 8 reasons that people from these companies prefer leasing or renting a space in coworking offices. Apart from the fix monthly rent, you need to focus on utilities, human resources, marketing expenses and equipment expenses. Opting a coworking space will help you to reduce your fix costs and offers you additional budget for hiring right people in your industry and create influencing marketing strategies. You don't need to pay for expensive events to build new connections, coworking spaces will offer you lots of free to attend events to make long lasting connections and event finding new clients.

Flexible Leases

In traditional office spaces, you have to make long term leases but shared office memberships allow you more flexibility. This flexibility will help you to take low risk in financial decisions because you will be able to make month-to-month leasing/renting in a shared workspace. In the business world, you can both expand or downsize your business, every coworking space company provide a flexibility in terms of relevant situation. When you lease a shared space in a coworking space, you will be able to change your work location depend on your client's needs. This decisions will not make any additional fees because coworking spaces offer every standart amenities of your business needs. When you explore new market, you can join to the coworking space in closer location for managing your operations easier.

Improved Productivity and Boosted Creativity

Shared offices are open workspaces that's why you can face with some distractions. But shared office spaces will help you with break rooms, meeting rooms, library spaces to work smoothly. You can stay motivated, collaborate with oters and achieve your goals easily. With the storage amenities you have in your coworking space, you can set a distance on your personal life and work. By working in different corners and collaborating with others, it will influence your creativity in a better way. Renting a shared office space will offer more professionality for your business. Brainstorming sessions, spontaneous conversations will lead you to gather new visions and business spirit on your projects.

Access to Resources

Shared office spaces offer lots of different amenities and facilities to benefit. This is why freelances, entrepreneurs from different industries prefer these spaces. Some of these benefits are;

1) High quality - advanced technology

2) Office equipment like printing and scanning

3) Networking with events

4) Well equipped meeting room for client presentations

5) Welcoming reception for first impression on clients

6) Free parking

7) 24/7 accessible offices

Self-care and Wellness

As we mentioned above shared office spaces offer different kind of events in their faciitlies. Apart from networking events, there can be experts & instructors for wellness events. These events are;

1) Fitness classes

2) Yoga sessions

3) Mediation sessions

These physical activities can boost your mental & emotional health in a better way.


In conclusion, sharing an office space is a smart move for small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Flexible lease or rent options, easy access to resources and your requirements, productive and creative environment, different amenities like studios, event spaces, podcast studios, gym, break rooms will help you to grow your business rapidly. Instead of opting for a traditional office, renting a shared office space in a coworking space offers you reduced overhead cost. We have gathered all facilities and amenities in our Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and Hermosa Beach offices. Let's schedule a tour to one of our main offices to serve you the best coworking space experience.

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