September 27, 2023

Personalizing Your Dedicated Desk: Creating a Productive Space

With the remote working system that has become our normal with the pandemic, companies have started to offer private workspaces to their employees. Although a private workspace does not mean a desk and a chair, it is actually a very basic component for productivity and motivation. A dedicated desk that you can personalize, a plant you put in the corner, the ability to turn on the music you want... All of these are small luxuries that you can create in your home or office or work environment, luxuries that you need to feel more motivated and focused. In this blog post, you will see how you can turn your work environment into a more productive, encouraging, and inspiring environment.


To create the most suitable working environment and to delete people from your desk in the way that best suits your working style, you will first need to empty and organize your desk and workspace. After evaluating each element for necessity, you should weed out and remove distractions. Thus, we can say that while you free up your physical space, you will also free your mind. You can consider using various storage options such as shelves, drawers, and organizers that will help you a lot in this regard. Thanks to effective storage, what you need will be easily accessible even if it is not visible and will subsequently help you maintain a clean and tidy work area.

You will be able to minimize potential interruptions throughout the day and maximize your productivity with a work environment that you enjoy being in, where you can focus and support concentration. Your time is valuable, to use it in the most efficient way, you should pay attention to the physical conditions of the environment where you spend your time.


Creating an ideal work environment increases focus and fosters creativity. A work environment that includes your personality, style and elements that will facilitate our focus should be created with some fine details and touches. For example, your favorite plants, family photos, or inspirational quotes will add positive energy to your work process. These personal items serve as little reminders that keep you motivated during long work hours.

It is very important to create a well-ventilated area with plenty of natural light. Natural light not only illuminates the work area, but also improves your mood and reduces eye strain. Good ventilation supports your brain functions and helps you focus for longer.

Don't forget the psychological effects of colors! Blue tones increase focus and productivity, while green tones give a feeling of calm and peace. You can promote the desired mood and productivity by using these colors in your workspace.

A little tip: You can get the support of planners for the layout. A nice calendar or agenda that you can place on your desk will allow you to track more easily what you need to do that day.


Having green around you will have a very positive effect on your mood. The presence of plants will brighten your space, improve the quality of the air you breathe, and provide a calm and refreshing environment. Decreasing toxin levels and increasing oxygen will, of course, have a positive effect on your focus and concentration.

For example, succulents are both easy to care for and a great indoor plant option. Aside from the need for minimal maintenance, it reduces radiation in the environment, minimizes the feeling of tension, and increases working efficiency.


Lighting, which greatly affects a person's eyesight, also affects their circadian rhythm, mood or physical state. It also affects criteria such as efficiency, performance and comfort. For this reason, appropriate and correct lighting designs should be used in work areas or offices.

In its simplest form, dim lighting used in work areas can cause performance to decrease, while bright light and flickering light can cause problems such as eye strain. Quality and correct lighting prevents these problems and provides a healthy and high-performance environment.

When choosing the lighting of the space, we recommend that you choose those that serve the purpose depending on the business nature of your working environment, can provide different light intensity and color temperature at different hours, are long-lasting and have a high energy class. Our other suggestion is to avoid fluorescent lighting, which can cause eye fatigue and headaches. Choose soft, white light sources.


In order to organize the office environment in a way that is functional, comfortable and increases the motivation of office employees, great attention must be paid to the selection of office furniture. Office furniture directly affects the productivity of office workers. It is crucial to be comfortable while working, to feel physically comfortable, and to invest in designs that prevent negative effects such as possible posture disorders and back pain.

For example, when choosing your chair, you should pay attention to its adjustability, lumbar support, seat height and mobility. If your office usage area is narrow, you can consider furniture that provides space, such as collapsible tables. All the factors you gain by investing in ergonomic office furniture will directly translate into work efficiency.


An enjoyable and stimulating work environment looks different for everyone. This is because everyone has different requirements for what their ideal workspace should look like. It is important for employees to be able to work in a pleasant environment both in the office and at home. Because in an inspiring workplace, you perform better, feel happier, and are generally more creative. Your productivity will increase, your creativity will bloom, and your overall well-being will improve.

Embrace this opportunity to shape your workspace according to your needs and preferences and watch it become a haven for inspiring work and development.

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