May 1, 2024

Private Office vs. Coworking Space: Comparing Cost, Flexibility, and Collaboration

In this comprehensive blog post, we will evaluate pros and cons of coworking space memberships and private office space memberships. At the end of this guide you will be able to choose the best membership type depend on you and your businesses' requirements. These 12 steps will navigate you to find the best option for you.


Coworking Space

When we compare coworking spaces with private office space, the most important aspect will be the cost of memberships. Coworking spaces are more affordable than private offices because of the privacy & dedicated space. Some of coworking space companies allowing you to choose whatever you need and pay for only these services, the rest of coworking spaces like Unita Club offers fully equipped membership with a fixed cost for its spaces.

Private Office Space

On the other hand, private offices are generally more expensive because you are opting a dedicated space and no one can use these spaces except you and your team. You pay for the entire space in renting a private office space, that's the main reason of a higher cost than coworking space membership. You can control your own space and will be able to design according to your needs. Private office spaces have additional bills, utilities and maintanence costs.


Coworking Space

The another significant difference is the flexibility level of these memberships offer. Coworking spaces are carefully designed to cater maximum flexibility for its members, allow individuals and teams to renting a dedicated desk or renting a fully equipped meeting room in the same environment. With these flexibility, coworking space members can make their work-meeting schedule and budget amount to spend accordingly.

Private Office Space

On the other hand, flexibility level is lower for private office space members. Private office space membership is based on lease or rent agreement for a specific period like month to month, quarterly or annualy. When a company grows rapidly they may face problems such as space utilization. This kind of circumstances can prevent and limit their business flexibility.


Location is one of the key element when deciding the alternatives for your next business hub. Generally we can see that coworking spaces are strategically located in the central areas with easy access for city residents. A perfect office location has to include;

• Accessible location

• Localized in the center of the hood & city

• Short distance with train stations, bus stops

• Settled in secured areas for its community

Some of the private office spaces are located in coworking spaces. As in Unita Club, coworking space members and private office members share the same environment, same spaces in the facility.

On the other hand, traditional private offices are commonly located in business parks or commercial districts. They can be found at skyscrapers too.

The location is important for brand perception. Having a dedicated office or a desk in a prestigious hood can influence clients and potential partners.

Networking and Community

Coworking Space

The networking is the most significant benefit of coworking spaces offer. They have an environment full of freelances, entrepreneurs, individuals, SME's, even small groups of established companies. Coworking spaces offer valuable opportunity to network and connect with a wide range of experts and professionals fom different industries. With the dynamic and innovative environment, you can make new partnerships, build joint ventures, create new business ideas with different perspectives. You can build long lasting relationships with like minded people and you will be able to create, collaborate and innovate with them. Event spaces carefully designed for various themes allow people to host their events in coworking spaces. Seminars, conferences, guest lectures can encourage you to gain or sharpen your skills.

Private Office Space

Private office spaces are limited with other companies in the same business parks or buildings. Every company can host their own events like happy hour, brainstorming sessions, alumni organizations. The interaction between other companies and teams is lower when we compare with coworking spaces. While these individuals and teams may prefer a quiet working environment, they often lack the vibrant energy and collaborative spirit that coworking spaces offer.

Privacy and Security

Coworking Space

The noise level is higher than option a private office space. You don't have the same privacy level with private office spaces but people can prefer renting hourly meeting rooms or working pods - booths for dedication. These amenities can require additional budget but at least you have the opportunity to work privately.

In Unita Club all coworking space members have their own lockers for their personal belongings like documents and valuable equipments. CCTV cameras and IT personel for preventing cyber attacks against wifi network can provide a sense of secure space.

Private Office Space

If you highly prioritize and value your privacy in your business space, renting or leasing an office space can be the correct choice for you. Renting a private office space offers you a dedicated space with no involvement - interruption of other people or businesses. You and your team can manage - personalize the space depend on your business' requirements. You can prevent external distractions when you prefer to lease an office space for your own.

You can leave your physical documents and other valuable equipments in your dedicated space. Private office spaces offer the highest level of security because you have the absolute control in your own space. You can customize access permissions except your team, implement surveillance systems and even make an agreement with dedicated security personnel.


Coworking Space

At Unita Club, our coworking community have amenities such as;

• Meeting rooms

• Photo studio

• Podcast studio

• Welcoming guests

• Free parking

• All snacks and drinks offered

• Print / 3D print

• Access El Segundo, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach offices

• 24/7 access

• High speed & secure internet

• Cleaning services

These are amenities of Unita Club for the coworking space members. The number of amenities in coworking spaces are higher than private offices offer.

Private Office Space

There are standart amenities in private office spaces. These can be;

• High speed & secure internet

• Cleaning services


If you have a business that requires a prestigious look and brand perception, selecting the private office can be a better option. With private offices, you will have absolute control over design, layout, furnitures, equipments and branding in your own space. These advantages offer brand identity for your colleagues and higher prestige for your clients and partners. In both options you will have remarkable business addresss.


The culture of your workspace and the environment you are working in is a determinator for your happiness and job satisfaction. Higher satisfaction boosts productivity and creativity in their projects and tasks. Dynamic atmosphere in coworking spaces encourage individuals and teams to think outside the box and create new innovative ideas for your business. On the other hand, private office spaces offer more quiet areas and allow you to work without distractions and maintain a high concentration level for your business.

For comparing the culture of coworking spaces and private offices, firstly you need to know your workstyle. You need to decide that; do you prefer a social atmosphere with dynamic conversations or a quiet place to concentrate your work?

Expansion & Commitment

The next thing to take into account in the debate of private office vs coworking space is going to be the matter of growth and expansion. If your business is growing at a fast pace and you are estimating that you will need more staff and resources in the near future, then it is a good idea to consider a private office.


When deciding between a coworking space and a private office, there are several crucial factors to consider. We hope that our guide will navigate you to choose the best option for you and your company. But first don't forget to arrange a tour to our Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach or El Segundo offices.

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