November 20, 2023

Creating a Remote-Friendly Workplace: Fostering Productivity from Anywhere

With the evolution of technology especially in the last couple of years, the number of remote workers exploded. The remote working is a game changer for all industries but it requires important changes on the work style and managing style. Currently many companies are facing challanges to optimize productivity for their workers in remote enviroment. It does not matter, if you are a freelancer or part of a small team of a established company, this content will guide you to foster productivity in a workplace.

Invest in a reliable communication tool

Communication is one of the most important aspect for remote working. A remote worker loses a luxury benefit, face to face interaction. They need effective tools and softwares to cover this potential issue. Event the best softwares and tools can not handle the smooth conversation of face to face communication but a complete software can diminish potential problems. Currently, there are variable platforms to cater yor specific communication needs. You can pick Zoom, Teams, Discord and Slack for managing the remote communication process. They have abilities like high quality video calls, screen sharing and whiteboards.

Establish a clear working schedule

As we shared our opinion in different blog posts, remote workers often face a challange sustaining their work - life balance. They can lose the boundries between work and home life, sometimes people work 10-12 hours in a day. This creates possible health problems in a long-term schedule. This is why business owners, directors and managers have to pay attention about reliable goal setting, setting clear relationships - expectations with their teams and set correct deadlines about projects and tasks. They need to understand remote working is not working more hours in a day.

Encourage social interaction

As in the previous topic, sometimes remote workers lose their borders between working hours and personal hours. Their mental and even physical health can be affected in a bad way if they lose their balance on working hours. Sometimes remote workers isolates from social life, loneliness harms their mental health. One effective way to create a social and productive team is engaging all remote teams with different engagements like organizing virtual happy hours, brainstorming sessions, reward and celebration meetings. These activities will motive them to master in their work.

Make sharing and file storage easy

In an organization, managing remote teams is not basic. Organization has to build a seamless, secure and easily accessible cloud based file storage for increasing the efficiency and productivity of their remote teams. They have to invest a solution like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive for their remote workers, when an unexpected situation occurs, all teams will be able to turn to remote working and all organization can be managed smoothly. With cloud base file storage, remote workers can access their team's and own files from any location in the world like coworking spaces, coffee shops and libraries whenever needed.

Provide the right tools and equipment

Remote work is based on technology, as we mentioned the advancements in technology created this working model. Remote workers and teams require the right tools and equipments to run their projects and tasks issueless.

• High quality laptops with fast CPU and storage

• Comfortable headsets - noise cancelling

• High resolution webcams

• Comfortable desk and chair

• A dedicated desk membership in a coworking space

• Communication softwares

• Cloud based storage tools

Encourage productivity through tracking tools

Maintaining the same level of productivity is hard when we focus on remote teams. That's why there are powerful and efficient tools like Trello, Asana and Monday. These tools are crucial for tracking invididual - team progress, leaders to follow performance in real time. These tools are not expensive but they have to build a sustailable management system to track these processes. Remote team members can see their importance & the role with these tools in a big picture, this strengthens their sense of belonging to their project and brand.


Creating a remote-friendly workspace is crucial for boosting productivity and efficiency from different countries & cities. Currently, where remote work is becoming imore important, it is essential to establish an environment that supports productivity.

We guarantee a productivity-driven and communication-facilitating atmosphere to our El Segundo and Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach offices. Making our spaces and an atmosphere to help creativity flow and ideas become successes is our goal. So, let's arrange a tour to one of our coworking spaces.

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