November 2, 2023

Why Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles is Vital for Business World?

Manhattan Beach is located in the heart of Southern California, it's a kind of hotspot for businesses from various industries and all sizes. Manhattan Beach presents a lot of opportunities for both local and global companies and also entrepreneurs to grow. In this blog post we will examine why Manhattan Beach is crucial for business industry. We will share the offerings and growth tips for businesses in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles.

An Important Local Economy

• Population: Approximately 38,000 people.

• Average Income: Between $160,000 and $210,000.

• Real Estate Values: Average home prices are above $1.1 million.

• Unemployment Rate: Below the U.S. average at approximately 3.5%.

• Retail and Service Sector: Developed and diverse.

• Tourism: An important economic factor.

• Technology and Finance Sector: Significant presence.

Manhattan Beach is located in Southern California, the city has popular areas for tourists and there are lots of established businesses in addition to local firms. There are local businesses like cafes, restaurants, boutiques which influences people to interact.

Skilled Workforce

The Manhattan Beach has lots of skilled and educated people which influences the workforce. Silicon Beach is known for tech, finance and other main industries. There are University of Southern California and California State University which increases number of people who are skilled and ready to join to the business world of Manhattan Beach. There are approx. more than 18.000 people who are working in local businesses.

Main Employment Sectors are;

• Professional Services: 33%

• Retail and Hospitality: 28%

• Education and Health Services: 22%

• Technology and Finance: 14%

Access to Major Transportation Hubs

The location and transportation is not a problem for Manhattan Beach residents. Manhattan Beach is close to Los Angeles International Airport, this is a crucial advantage for frequent business travelers. You can welcome your clients easily with fully equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms at Unita's Manhattan Beach office.

Our El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach coworking spaces are centrally located, accesible by public transportation. Let's arrange a tour now to one of our locations.

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