October 9, 2023

What is Shared Office Space and What Are The Benefits?

All people think that shared office spaces are same with coworking spaces; but the truth is there are differences between them. Coworking spaces are the modern version of shared office spaces, there are lots of similarities in terms of their benefits and advantages but at the end they are not the same. We will focus on the definition of shared office space and benefits they offer to any kind of companies.

What is shared office space?

Shared office spaces also referred as shared workspaces which revolutionized traditional work settings in the last couple of years, especially after the global pandemic. Individuals, remote workers, small teams, entrepreneurs can use these spaces at the same time, this creatives a community of professionals and like-minded businesses come together. A coworking space include private office spaces, shared office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces and studios at the same time, the main difference between coworking spaces and shared office space is this matter. In this collaborative ecosystem, innovative ideas can nurture and flourish for establishing a new company.

What are the top 6 benefits of shared office space?

1. Cost Efficiency

Shared offices are one of the best ways to reduce the overhead costs associated with traditional office work settings. Companies don’t need to pay extra for internet, utilities, maintenance expenses and safety. They can use this budget for marketing, talent acquisition, operations and other required tools and equipment.

2. Networking Opportunities

As we mentioned in the definition part of the shared offices, there are members from various backgrounds, industries and skillsets. When you work closer (in the same work environment) you can build new long lasting both business and personal relationships with these experts and professionals. You can use your network for growth and gaining new skills for your business. You can find even new partners and investors for your startup!

3. Flexibility

We can discuss the flexibility in different aspects. These are;

• The length of lease/rent terms

• To be able to adapt rapid growth or changes in staff size

• Comfortable work areas like meeting room, hubs and relaxation area

• Enables companies to explore remote work alternatives and shared resources for same project

4. Access to Amenities

There are various amenities of shared workspaces. Common amenities are;

• Can use fully equipped meeting or conference rooms

• High speed and secure internet

• Dedicated facility and IT responsibles

• Printing services

• Parking

• Facilities like kitchen and coffee spots

• Fitness centers

• Wellness programs

• Event spaces for hosting / attending to an event

5. Enhanced Productivity

People who work in the same work environment can share ideas, exchange ideas, can be partners and share similar passion for their tasks and targets. This professional setting can boost productivity and an individual can influence other ones to work efficiently. After some time, this can become one of the cultural effects of the work environment which can increase the collaboration and productivity.

6. Regular Events

Shared office spaces often offer events to boost networking. These event types are;

• Regular social events

• Training sessions

• Workshops

• Guest (experts) speakers

• Seminars

• Mentorship programs

• Fitness activities

• Celebrations and parties

• Happy hours

What type of businesses or workers can benefit from shared office spaces?

Shared office space provide a prestigious and professional work environment for;

• Small businesses

• Independent contractors

• Freelancers

• Entrepreneurs

• Artists

• Small teams of established companies

• Who are seeking different work place rather than coffee shops and libraries

There can be various fields such as marketing, law, human resources, operations, management, accounting, and creative work.

How to choose the best shared office space?

When searching for the best-shared office space, several factors deserve careful consideration.

• You need to find easily accessible location for both clients and employees. Well connected and centrally located office can increase your presence and prestige.

• Look at the amenities the shared workspace offers. Meeting rooms, parking, necessary equipments, high quality and secure internet, well designed and comfortable seating are common musts for workspaces.

• The cost is another consideration for finding your next shared office space. They require lower costs than traditional office spaces and dedicated desks. You need to ensure that the workspace covers your requirements and the budget they request.

• Culture and the community of the workspace can be crucial for searching the best one for you. Does it boost collaboration and innovation? Are there regular networking events to build new business relationships?


In conclusion, shared office spaces are an perfect alternative for traditional offices and they offer numerous benefits. We offer shared office options in our Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach locations. Let’s arrange a tour now!

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