October 9, 2023

Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are becoming more popular especially in the last 10 - 15 years. Coworking spaces offer comfortable working hours, modern design and also collaboration opportunities that generic office spaces can’t offer, in various industries and companies with different backgrounds, coworking spaces became the best option for especially remote workers, freelancers and small teams. However, people can face an issue about productivity in their workspaces with many distracting objectives like having conversations, mobile phones and other challenges.

Create a routine

If you want to increase your productivity in your workspace, we can advise that, creating a routine that suits your work style will be better. If you create a space for maintaining focus and staying away from distractions, you will be able to increase your efficiency.

• Start this process by organizing the hours when you feel most energetic

• Allocate these hours according to more demanding tasks that require your maximum attention.

• You can divide your day into more minimal and manageable parts.

• Take short breaks between work sessions in order to refresh your mind, recharge your energy and prevent burnout.

Show respect to your colleagues

In a collaborative shared office, it is very important to respect for other workers. Everybody has to pay attention others’ workspace to prevent unnecessary situations.

• You need to stay away from talking loudly.

• Yu must avoid Talking uncomfortably on the phone.

• Don’t play music at high volumes.

• If you make a call, choose private space for yourself.

Choose the right place

The place or area where you work plays a very important role in determining your productivity level. It's both about finding a good place and carefully choosing a workspace that better covers your requirements.

• If you can work smoothly in natural sunlight, consider setting up your workspace next to a window

• If privacy is important for you, you can find a place away from the door.

• Choose octagonal desk to improve your posture and support your blood circulation which makes you concentrate on your projects.

Collaborate with others

Being in a shared office space offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with a community which has  different individuals from various backgrounds, projects and industries.  

• You can participate lively discussions and brainstorming sessions.

• Consider attending collaborative events where you can build new relationships with like minded people in a dynamic ecosystem.

• You can support each other on every task or project with different skills.

Design Your Workspace

If you want to increase your efficiency, you need to design a place to cover all your needs.

• Add comfortable chairs for different work preferences

• Adding plants can bring a touch of nature which offers relaxing atmosphere

• You can add diffuser with selected essential oils to provide relaxation.


Collaborative workspaces mostly provide a place that fosters creativity, efficiency and collaboration with other people. You need to pay attention to design your coworking space for covering your and others’ requirements. If you want to increase your productivity in a professional atmosphere, we would like to invite you to our coworking spaces and office spaces in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach.

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