October 24, 2023

Unveiling the Role of a Coworking Space Community Manager

In today's world, modern coworking spaces gained important popularity than traditional office spaces. Almost every freelancers, remote teams, startups, small business & teams seeking to join the environment that coworking spaces offer. These environment offer you much more than just a desk & chair.

Building a coworking space is the easy thing but there is a unique environment for each coworking space. There are different kind of challenges, issues when facilitating & managing a coworking space. A skilled community manager takes care all day to day issues and potential challenges that every coworking space can face with. There are various topics that a single community manager of a coworking space manage, in this blog we are going to focus on the importance & indispensability of a coworking space community manager.

What is Coworking Space Community Manager?

A coworking space community manager handles all challanges and issues in a coworking space. Community manager has the responsibility to nurture environment, manage all the facility, member activities and running internal events. A coworking space community manager focuses on running the community and environment smoothly.

Community Building and Engagement

One of the most important benefit of a coworking space is providing rich community and vibrant environment. That's why, one of the crucial responsibility is creating a strong sense of community and fostering engagement between members of the coworking spaces. Organizing regular events for networking in a coworking space is a significant task and requires great effort. There are event spaces in each coworking space to host unique events, workshops, seminars, a successful community manager has to manage these areas for creating a vibrant & unique environment. These event areas can host experts for specific industries and mentoring sessions to empower individuals to foster & sharpen their skills by providing access to required resources.

Space Management

As we mentioned in the previous topic, a critical task of a successful coworking space community manager is managing the space effectively. They are resposible for both internal and external activities such as running marketing operations with social media manager against traditional office spaces, office buildings and other coworking spaces.

Most important matter is offering exceptional customer service in the coworking space. Members are the most important part of the community, they are all the resources that a coworking space has. This is why community managers have to focus on problems, unique needs & requirements of each member. Maintaining the cleanliness with cleaning staff, fostering member's productiveness with the design.

Coworking space community member should look & identify the areas for improvement. They need to establish innovative strategies to enhance the member experience constanly, fulfill all the requirements of the community. Additionally, they have to direct member inquiries and solve concerns and problems with the other members of the coworking space. They are a kind of backbone of the coworking space and its environment.

Marketing and Sales

Managing the marketing team or strategy and running the sales funnel are another missions of a coworking space community manager. In the aspect of marketing, they need to product social media contents with preparing events, workhops, activities like yoga and fitness, internal happy hours. With enough and attractive events, members can share their stories and contents organically, this means a lot for a marketing responsible. Additionally, a community manager has to keep the member satisfaction level high, because if members face with different challenges, they may make negative comments on Google and in other platforms, this is a kind of marketing and sales strategy. A complete community manager has to run all the facility smoothly.

Sales are the main purpose of a coworking space, in terms of shared workspaces, dedicated desks and office spaces, members are the most important resource of the coworking space. Community members are also tour managers for new potential members, they have to run all the tours smoothly, have to cover all the questions about coworking space and complete the new membership processes successful.

Lastly, coworking space managers have to keep member satisfaction level high to take new and long member agreements.

Team Management

Apart from the managing member processes, a complete community manager has to run the management team and day to day operations of the space. There can be social media manager, digital marketing responsible, finance manager and staff for the facility to manage. Maintainin the physical space of building, layout and design of work spaces for fostering creativity and efficiency is another management task of a community responsible in a coworking space. These responsibles keep managing networking events, workshops for members to sharpen their skills in relevant areas.


A coworking space community manager is a pretty essential job that overrides almost the entire reason why a coworking space can thive and/or grow. They function as not just the support pillars but the cause of common interaction and togetherness in the community. The deep knowledge about the wide range of coworking space community manager's job requirements helps you to realize how smoothly coworking spaces manage to ensure the comfort and the service of their clients. It shows the impact of community participation in making it alive and have a full life which in turn brings out these factors: a higher level of productivity, teamwork and personal advancement.

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