November 24, 2023

Unveiling the Power of Podcasting: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's world, every business is looking for alternatives to engage, increase the interaction between the brand and their audience. Podcasting is the star of the last couple of years. Audio content can be accessed through mainly ;

• Spotify

• Apple Podcasts

• Podcast Addict

• Storyboard

• Soundcloud


• Buzzsprout

• Rumble Studio

It became an important market for all kind of businesses from various industries. In this blog we are going to explain what is podcast and possible benefits for your business.

What is a Podcast, and How Does It Work?

A podcast is a audio series that different kind of audiences can easily access through various streaming platforms as we mentioned little above. Podcasts offer on demand audio experience (in 2024 most of the streaming platforms added visual experience) to listeners about their favorite topics. These can be history, industrial developments, finance, marketing, human resources and operations. Podcasting requires lower cost than most of the marketing activities, that's why lots of company started to prefer to take a step.

Podcast types are;

• In depth conversations

• Though provoking interviews

• Engaging storytelling

Advantages of Podcasting

General advantages of podcasting are;

• Highly effective medium for creating quick and strong content

• Shows your brand image and message with audiences

• Lower marketing costs than other marketing options

• Unique opportunity to direct communicate

• One of important ways to share information & events

• Accessibility is a key for podcast. Accessible anytime & anywhere

Tips for Creating Your Podcasts

To create a successful podcast episode, there are a few key steps to follow:

1. Plan your segments and script

Take some time to review carefully which topics can take your audience's attendion. Consider breaking down every aspect of the selected topic into subtopics and critical points. Then, create a script with;

• Introduction

• Transitions

• Conclusion

These will keep your content organized and easy to follow.

2. Set up your equipment

You need to have required equipment for recording.



Recording software

For gathering optimal recording conditions, create a dedicated recording pocasting space in a quiet environment, preferably with minimal background noise. You can use our fully-equipped podcast studios in El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, or Manhattan Beach offices.

3. Choose a hosting platform

Every platform that we mentioned in the beginning of this blog has different amenities and offerings. Choose your ideal platform according to your audience and your requirements.

How to Promote Your Podcasts

A podcast can only be successful when your audience knows its existence. Here are some ideas to promote your podcast:

• Don't limit yourself to just one social media platform when sharing your podcast. Use Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Threads, Meta, Google ads and your websites traffic to reach wider audiences.

• Encourage your followers and friends to leave comments, ratings and reviews about your podcast series, these will increase your brand awareness.

• Collaborate like minded people from your industry or well known influencers who takes attention from your target audience. Explore the opportunities to cross promote each other's shows. You can expand your audience, reach and impression.

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