November 15, 2023

The Impact of Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature into Workspaces

Everyone may feel stressed at work and drained sometimes. Research shows that work environment affects a professional’s well-being and overall productivity. If you create your environment according to biophilic design, you can feel more relaxed, motivated, creative and innovative. This is a modernist interior design approach emphasizing the connection between people and nature that goes beyond aesthetics. Biophilic design seeks to create business habitat that promote health, well-being, and productivity by harnessing humans' innate attraction toward the natural world.

Natural light usage is one of the critical aspects of these kind of design. It affects the visual appearance of a space and also serenity level of occupants positively. When talking about a serene atmosphere, the use of plants in biophilic design is also very significant. Plants improve air quality and reduce people’s stress level. Moreover, using natural materials and patterns add textures to the workspace and create a sense of connection to the nature.

Biophilic Design Improves Workplace Productivity

Designers can incorporate natural elements into the working spaces to impact the well-being and health of professionals, increase workplace productivity, reduce employee stress and anxiety levels. It can be possible thanks to biophilic design and it brings nature into the workplace.

Biophilic design has favorable effects on people’s physical health. Research has shown that the number of natural elements usage in a workspace can foster nutrition. People are more likely to make healthier food choices when surrounded by nature. Moreover, natural elements can enhance air quality and reduce the pollution. On the other hand, biophilic design can also contribute to a more focused and motivated workforce. Natural elements help to create a more serene and pleasant business environment and reduce any distractions of employees. Therefore, the productivity increases day by day and the staff can be motivated by environment. Investing in biophilic design contributes to the creation of more aesthetically pleasing workspaces.

Sustainability Issue

Biophilic design mentality are closely linked to sustainable design process. Natural resources can be used mindfully and thoughtfully in biophilic design. By combining and using lush green plants and sustainable materials that are renewable and have low environmental impact, these designs support sustainable resources. Eco-friendly workplaces can be occurred with biophilic design elements. These natural elements such as sunlight streaming through strategically placed windows, flowing water features and the gentle rustle of leaves, also create an environment that promotes employees' well-being.

Companies which fully embrace biophilic design, contribute to the preservation of the natural environment. They create a harmony between humans and nature. The thoughtful integration of natural elements not only enhances the aesthetics of the working spaces but also serves that organizations showcase their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. This holistic approach to biophilic design promotes sustainability, employees' wellbeing, and a positive impact on the business habitat.

Employee Retention Success

In today's competitive market, workspace quality has become a substantive factor for organizations to attract and retain top talents. Businesses which are created with biophilic design elements can achieve higher employee retention rates. Natural design elements like natural lighting, organic materials and so on create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The overall atmosphere of the workspace is also very significant factor for the employees. Because, professionals working in these kind of working spaces experience increased well-being, reduced stress, and improved cognitive function. This may increase employee engagement to work and make them reluctant to leave their workplace. Therefore, biophilic design can be reflected as surplus value to organizations.

Studies have shown that the presence of nature in working spaces leads to increase employee satisfaction and retention. Therefore, employees who feel connected to their workspace and environment are more likely to feel motivated.

For bringing nature into your business environment, working at more sustainable places and both attracting and retaining top talents, we offer you our coworking spaces in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach. These spaces have been occurred with the biophilic design mentality that enhances productivity and overall quality of life. Enjoy the harmonious and inspiring atmosphere of our offices! Please contact us any further information.

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