November 21, 2023

Switching to Coworking Spaces from Hotels for Your Next Event? Here's Why It's Worth It

In this post we are going to evaluate why you should prefer coworking spaces instead of a hotel's event spaces for your next event venue. Thespaces' unique environment and offerings, you can create a memorable and enjoyable event. You can make attendees affected with the unique offerings of a coworking space.

A More Relaxed Environment

One of the most significant appeals of coworking spaces is their environment. Hotels have different venue standards, unlike with coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are more accessible and have comfortable environment where attendees feel a sense of belonging to both the event and the space. Event spaces in hotels have a structure that is heavier and restricts fun when we compare them with the event spaces in coworking locations. The relaxed setting in coworking spaces fosters people to build new relationships, engage conversations and share ideas in a more natural environment.

Event & community managers in coworking spaces are better than hotel account managers, because coworking spaces hosts various events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties and happy hours. Event spaces in coworking spaces are tailored for every kind of group.

Increased Flexibility

As we mentioned in our other blog posts, flexibility for its members is a crucial amenity for coworking spaces. Coworking spaces provide various areas that can be practically customized - tailored to meet the spesific requirements & needs of the customers. Small meeting areas, large scale conference spaces can be customized for all needs & theme of the event.

If we focus on Unita Club, there are lots of different event spaces such as a vibrant library space for small concerts, outdoor spaces for cocktails, gallery area for hosting parties. Also there are rooms for interactive presentations and breakout rooms for brainstorming sessions. These are important resources for hosting an effective event.

A Unique Experience

We all know regular event spaces and themes in hotels' event space offerings. An event in a hotel does not provide different experiences, they are all the same. Coworking spaces are the modern workplace and event spaces in the last couple of years. One of the successful event space provider is Unita Club in Los Angeles. With centralized location, amenities they provided, relaxed and comfortable spaces offered in coworking spaces are most preferable event venues currently. A community of entrepreneurs, freelances, artists, small businesses always create a unique experience for guests.

Reasonable Prices

There are different market researches that prove the cost of hosting an event in hotels. Hosting an event is three times expensive than hosting an event in a coworking space, this does not shows that coworking spaces offer basic amenities and benefits for its customers. Most of coworking spaces have their own chiefs for delicious catering services. Other coworking spaces can accept outside catering services to offer a maximized experience for its community. At the end, coworking spaces can deliver higher quality services than hotels with a lower price.

You will not pay unnecessary expenses and spend the rest of your budget for catering or another amenities in coworking spaces. With stylish interiors and carefully designed areas in coworking spaces you can use different seating options, there are private office spaces, shared work areas which offers flexibility for the community.

Eco-Friendly Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, the desing and style of coworking spaces built for their community and offering a vibrant environment. They can easily transform their spaces for specific needs of event hosters. One of the topic that they are caring is creating an eco friendly environment. With their vibrant and rich cultured community, they have a sense of giving back to the nature. For example Unita Club collaborates with SeaTrees in Los Angeles to save the environment of seatrees in different continents. There are such examples for coworking spaces.

  • Strategically placed recycling bins
  • Energy efficient lightning
  • Seamless water consercation systems

to contribute for a greener world. Their dedication to sustainability inspire others to join such movements like SeaTrees.


Lastly, we invite you to our conference and meeting venues in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and El Segundo to plan your next event. With fully equipped facilities and rich environment, our venues provide the perfect setting for productive and memorable events.

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