October 25, 2023

How to Find the Best Dedicated Desk? 7 Factors to Consider

As the remote work continues to its popularity after global pandemic, every coworking space & traditional office spaces started to offer "dedicated desk membership". That's why finding the best dedicated desk can be overwhelming. This blog post focuses on the top 7 topic to find the best dedicated desk membership in your location. We will provide detailed insights to help you to make final decision.


When you are trying to find the best dedicated space to hire, there are some important topics. The first one is the location of your facility. There are some topics about location.

• Firstly, take into consideration your daily routine and transportation alternatives and options available. The place has to be easily accessible for both you and your clients. You should consider your potential clients, too. You don’t need to spend more time for transportation.

• Secondly, consider the activity spaces like restaurants, cafes, retail shops around the coworking space. If a coworking space doesn’t offer external spaces like these, most probably It will not a good idea to select this one.

• Being surrounded by a dynamic area can inspire and foster people to create new ideas, building long lasting relationships with like minded people. A vibrant space will influence positively for innovative ideas.


When considering to choose the most suitable coworking space, price of the membership and the budget you have are crucial factors on your final decision.

• All coworking spaces offer different amenities, some of them might be luxurious, staying within your budget and balance between cost and offered amenities is important.

• Don’t only focus on cheapest coworking space alternatives, it might be the wrong decision in terms of offerings. Of course the budget is crucial for selecting the right place but try to catch a balance on amenities, environment and community.

• Additionaly, consider basic amenities like internet connectivity, networking options with regular events, accesible meeting rooms and perks like printing, kitchen, break areas.


Community is another aspect to consider while searching for the best dedicated desk.

• It is crucial to understand the community that exists in the coworking space. During the tour take a time to meet with some people, listen their experiences on the coworking space & dedicated desk membership. Some of coworking spaces offer 1 day or week free membership for you to understand the situation and trying the facility. You can use this valuable time to cover the general situation of the environment. Spend time on attending events and engaging with others.

• Try to find individuals who share same interest, passion and values in same or different industries. Having conversations with these people will provide you a short introduction for the facility and dedicated desk membership.

• Use the required and the provided resources to build a network in this valuable time. You can share your resources and exhange knowledge with the people from the same environment.


All coworking spaces offer various amenities, some of these amenities counted as extra and may be expensive and luxurious. There are some tips to evaluate these amenities correctly.

• High internet connectivity and secured network can be the first important amenity. This is one of the most important benefit offered by coworking space. Consistent internet quality is important because you may have video conference calls & require to Access online resources without external interruptions.

• Needed printing and scanning facilities can save your money, time and effor. For example Unita Club offers these amenities included in the membership.

• Depend on the location of the facility, parking availability can be a challenge to overcome. Unita Club offers a spot for your car and free parking.

• Well equipped such as large screents and projectors conference rooms will provide you to connect with your clients, team members who are located in different cities or countries. This is why audio/ video capabilities are so crucial for conference rooms.


Offering comfortable areas is another important amenity for a coworking spaces.

• Creating a comfortable work environment is a must for increasing the productivity and creativity. People may work long hours, to avoid discomforts and decreasing the motivation for the workspace can cause bigger issues fort he coworking space. Lightning quality, desk comfor and chair size are another physical equipments to consider.

• Having a dynamic and well designed facilility is important in terms of motivation and the environment. Ergonomic furnitures for supporting good postures, ventilation system boost the member satisfaction and encourage them to work for longer hours.

• Designing break rooms and well equipped kithchen can help people to relax after long hours of dedicated work.

• Lastly, we would like to mention that Unita Club’s spaces in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach office spaces are incredibly comfortable and spacious for our community. We desinged these offices tailored for our members. If you need quiet spot and networking areas Unita Club covers you.


A coworking space has to balance the facility features and resources with number of members. There are some key tips for availability.

• Potential limitations are the first one to consider. Hidden fees for some areas and some amenities will be problems for you.

• Understanding the working patterns and habits on using the workspace to keep motivational work, catching networking or other events, avoiding overcrowded hours.

• The frequency of the events is another crucial matter. A coworking space which invite sectoral experts, mentors regularly, boost members to gain skills.

Additional products and services

To sum up the features that the coworking space offer to potential members, we prepared a short list.

• Take the time to evaluate all the offerings from the coworking space in terms of dedicated desk membership. As mentioned above, some of these features can require additional cost.

• Frequency of the internal events. Events will be generally free of charge which creates you an important opportunity to meet new people, having conversation directly with sectoral experts, build long lasting relationships with like minded professionals.

• Well facility services like cafe, tea and snacks will boost you to work more and improve your efficiency on your tasks.

• Consider internet quality, cyber security system to avoid problems, security for documenting and additional storage for you to put your valuable documents and supplies.


Choosing the best dedicated desk process can be hard to manage. However, with careful consideration and thorough research, we prepared a short guide for you. Hope this works!"

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