November 21, 2023

8 Tips to Green Your Workplace for a More Sustainable Office

In today's modern world, sustainability is a real term and a necessity for all industries and even individuals. Businesses with all sizes have the same responsibility such as reducing carbon footprint and provide a better planet for future generations. In addition organizations and individuals need to take 8 basic steps to turn their office spaces' - workplaces more environmentally. In this blog post, we will share 8 basic topics to be aware of.

Reduce paper usage

One of the most important step to make your workplace more sustainabile is to reduce the paper usage of all departments. Firstly, you need to host virtual trainings or physical trainings to show the results of high paper usage in all organizations. Ways of diminishing paper usage are;

• Electronic Signatures

• Online tools for document sharing

• Cloud computing for data storage

If you have to take a print, make sure that using double sided printing will be a better option to minimize paper consumption.

Use eco-friendly office supplies

In this high technologic world era, it will be better to consider using our traditional office supplies. Instead of using plastic pens and sticky notes which damage the sustainability in a workplace, we can prefer for eco friendly alternatives that focus carbon footprint and promote sustailability.

• Using biodegradable paper products

• Recycled paper products

• Refillable in penks

• Using non-toxic adhesives

At the end we will have a contribution on a greener world with our sustainable office space.

Invest in energy-efficient office equipment

Consider using - switching energy efficient office equipment that can influence and reduce office's carbon footprint. In addition your energy bills will decrease rapidly.

• Upgrading to LED light bulbs - you can save significant energy

• Switching off office equipment while not in use

• Switching off office equipment after working hours - or swithching to sleep mode to save more energy

Encourage eco-commuting

Let's encourage your employees to diminish their carbon footprint by navigating them to use eco commuting ways. Together, all your employees can contribute to a more sustainable future by choosing different transportation types. You can encourage practices like;

• Carpooling

• Cycling

• Walking to work if possible

• Providing incentives like parking fees, free EV charcing

• Carpooling rewards and benefits

Introduce green cleaning practices

Your workplace has to switch to green cleaning products, this will be an important step to reducing the impact of harmful chemicals. This is a basic and promotable step for your workplace, you can reduce the cost of cleaning because some countries have incentives for these steps to make your workplace more sustainable. Green cleaning practices have ability to diminish hazardous airborne to create a healthier environment for all of us.

Implement a waste reduction program

Implementing a waste reduction program can be an important step to reduce the amount of total waste generated by your workplace. This program includes promoting;

• Reusable glassware or mugs

• Recyling or composting bins

• Reducing the use of single use plastics

Support local sustainability initiatives

To be a responsible organization, it is important to engage supporting a community through various local sustainability initiatives. That is why as we continue to be eco-friendly in our coworking offices (El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach offices) we also lead in standing with the SeaTrees organization. They are leading the way to protect and restore green spaces all over the world. We are proud to stand with them, and to play our part in defending our environment and wildlife for future generations. As a sustailable workplace you need to spend a budget and effort to contribute greener world. These activities could be involving to events like tree planting campaigns and cleanup drives.

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