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Unità’s best asset by far is its community. Everyone can build walls and conference rooms but not everyone can build a community as beautiful as the one here at Unità. We don’t select members by looking at their social media profiles or their title. Some of the kindest, most caring people that also happen to be madly talented select Unità.

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Being able to collaborate with a talented community having access to some of the best amenities a workspace could potentially offer and some of the most inspirational buildings that feel like home, you will push your limits every day at Unità.
i am really excited for the growth of unità, the brand that has been created and the new location in hermosa. some of the best meetings we've ever had have been in that conference room. the energy of this place is really great, we've brought wholefoods executives here, we've brought investors here, we've had full team meetings, we've flown people from new york, we really hold this place very valuable in the sense that when we book a room we know that environment is going to be 100% great. you're always going to have a good meeting when you book it at unità.

jr simich
vp, sales & co-founder
vive organic